• Reconsidering The Pros and Cons Of Debuting Super Bowl Ad Online
    An emerging strategy is to produce 'teasers,' which are not the actual advertisements but aim to whet an audience's appetite for the ads. 
  • Netflix Adds 4.3M Subscribers, Heading For 60M Worldwide
    Netflix delivered fourth-quarter growth that met expectations and set the stage for it to surpass 60 million members in the next few months. The streaming-video giant added more than 4.3 million new subscribers in the fourth quarter and now has 47.4 million globally.
  • Netflix Has Huge Expansion Plans, But China Will Be A Tough One
    Netflix said on Tuesday it would expand to as many as 200 countries within two years, up from about 50 now, to extend its growth prospects. "For every country we know what we want to do, but in China we are still exploring our options," Chief Executive Reed Hastings said in an interview.
  • BBC3 Is Not For Sale, But Will Move Online And Off TV
    Two independent producers offered to buy BBC3 but the BBC today said it's not for sale, and that it fully intends to move it to online-only distribution as part of its "bold move to reinvent BBC’s offer for young people.”
  • Marriott Tests Providing Netflix, Hulu, Pandora Access To Guests
    The hotel chain is experimenting in eight hotels, part of a special Internet package . Funny, since Marriott was in the news recently fo attempting to block guests from accessing their personal wi-fi hotspots. But, if you can access Netflix, etc., on your own, what's the point? 
  • AOL Planning To Shutter Some Sites, One Of Its Units Discloses
     AOL owner of TechCrunch, is preparing to lay off staff and close or fold up underperforming titles, reports TechCrunch, which itself is one of its properties. "To be clear: while TechCrunch is part of AOL, we on the editorial side are not privy to what happens at a corporate level," it wrote. "We received this info by way of an anonymous tip. . ."
  • Did Netflix Try to Stymy Develop Of Streaming Open Standard? FCC Commissioner Waits For Answer
    Back in December, in a letter to Netflix CEO Reed Hastings, FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai cited articles reporting that Netflix had chosen not to participate in developing open standards for streaming video and had at least "tested" measures that would "undermine" that effort. Netflix promised to respond; it still hasn't and Pai isn't amused. 
  • Time Inc. Launches Daily Cut Culling Content From Its Brands
    Time Inc.  on Thursday launched Daily Cut, a free ad-supported platform aggregating video content produced by the company’s various multimedia brands. Time Inc. currently produces more than 60 programs in various formats – short-form, long-form and live – across its portfolio of brands. 
  • Video-Chat Startup Rounds Raises $12M
    Video chat startup Rounds just raised $12 million in venture funding. Led by Sequoia Capital, additional investors included Samsung Ventures, Verizon Ventures and Rhodium. “Rounds has now raised more than $22 million since its launch in 2009,” Re/Code reports. Among other unique features, “Rounds allows users to set up video chats with as many as 12 people … and works on both iOS and Android.” The Israeli startup also focuses squarely on the consumer market, and currently has no plans to court enterprise users.
  • iSpotTV Launches Super Bowl Ad Center: Facts, Figures, Video
    The iSpotTV Super Bowl Ad Center touts itself as the one-stop place for Super Bowl related ad stuff from the ads themselves to stats
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