• Tastemade Using Apple, YouTube To Feed The World Its Content
     Tastemade, with backing from Scripps Networrks  and Liberty Media, is kind of a new style Food Network, distributing its content via YouTube, but now also showing it via an Apple TV app and Spotify. Now it's adding videos in different languages, aimed at markets worldwide.
  • Ultra High Video From. . . Ultra High!
    This week the space agency uploaded its first 4K Ultra HD highlight reel to its ReelNSA YouTube channel, with more to come. Some of its is from cameras inside the space station but the really amazing stuff is video of everything Out There. 
  • Senator Has Some Questions About YouTube Kids App
    U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson, D-Fla., the top Democrat on the Commerce Committee, wants the company to detail “how it selects content for the new app and what steps it’s taking to ensure kids aren’t exposed to unsuitable content,” according to a statement from his office Wednesday. Others have complained to the FTC about the ads and promos on the YouTube app.
  • 32% Of Cable, Satellite Users Are Considering The Options
    According to a new Digitalsmiths study, 32.4% of current cable, satellite and IPTV subscribers say they're "on the fence" about keeping their service, and they're aware there are lower cost alternatives out there  
  • Google Making A Big Attribution Play
    Google wants to help with attribution and will unveil a new tool to do it at the DoubleClick Leadership Summit. Marketers can now track when an ad on one Website leads to the purchase of a product on another using Google’s tools, even if these ad exposures occur on different devices. 
  • Upworthy Moves Into Original Content
    Upworthy is moving away from video aggregation and into the production of original content. “We are now moving decisively to deepen our focus on original storytelling that supports our mission," Upworthy co-founder Eli Pariser tells Capital New York. Notes Capital: “The first hint at Upworthy's impending about-face came in February, when the company hired Amy O'Leary as editorial director.” 
  • Yahoo's CEO Won't Oversleep Big Cannes Meeting This Year: She Won't Be There
    That's because Yahoo's Annual Meeting is on June 24, smack dab in the middle of the Cannes ad fest. Last year, she overslept and was two hours late to a dinner with major advertising executives.
  • Netflix Fixes Its Website
    Netflix is rolling out a new version of  its Website, the first improvement in four years, to help viewers discover content easily.  That's becoming a problem.
  • James Murdoch's Digital Pursuit
    The new leader of 21st Century Fox, taking over from his dad, Rupert, has helped to guide Fox’s investments in online video and advertising, and is a key player in discussions about whether and how to target “cord cutters” who have dropped their pay TV connections. Stay tuned
  • Netflix, Look Out! Alibaba Starting A Streaming Business Too
    China's massive Alibaba is planning to get into movie streaming business. The head of Alibaba's digital entertainment division, Patrick Liu, wants to be Netflix or HBO of the East. "Our mission, the mission of all of Alibaba, is to redefine home entertainment," Liu said at a press conference in Shanghai today, according to Reuters. "Our goal is to become like HBO in the United States, to become like Netflix in the United States."
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