• Why NFL Won't Be The 'Hail Mary' Twitter Needs
    Twitter's deal to show NFL games is a good idea, but it wlil only generate an extra $13 million or so, says Morgan Stanley analyst Brian Nowak.
  • And Now This. . . Virtual Reality Sexual Groping
    This woman was enjoying VR game-playing for the first time until another real-time player's free hand started wandering.  "...he chased me around, making grabbing and pinching motions near my chest. Emboldened, he even shoved his hand toward my virtual crotch and began rubbing." 
  • Facebook Pulls All Stops To Push Livestream
    Facebook is now using bus stops and luggage carousels to convince people to use iFacebook Live. The company launched a major marketing campaign Friday that includes TV commercials, bus wraps and billboards. 
  • Netflix Goes Looking For $800M More
    It plans to raise $800 million through a new debt offering.  A lot of that is for content. In 2017, Netflix has said content spending will be about $6 billion.  
  • How BuzzFeed's Tasty Found Its Recipe
    Frank Ze explains how BuzzFeed's Tasty recipes came out of the oven as a viral hit. According to Recode, "When those videos were about 40 seconds long, they got viewed and shared a lot — a 'sweet spot,' in Frank’s words — so the company formed a team called FB40 to make more of them."
  • PBS Doc Series 'POV' Makes Snapchat History
    The PBS documentary series "POV" has produced two short interactive films for distribution on Snapchat, marking the first documentaries created specifically for the platform.
  • Civ Liberty Groups Want To Halt Facial Recognition Tech
    Here's a big issue just in its controversy infancy: More than 50 civil rights organizations asked the Department of Justice for a moratorium on the use of facial recognition by law enforcement agencies. A report from Georgestown University says half of adult Americans in some places have had their images scanned, despite having no record, arrests, etc.From the Techcrunch story: "The report, titled 'The Perpetual Lineup,' draws its information from public records requests to 106 police departments across the country. The Georgetown researchers found only one department that had received legislative approval for its use of face …
  • Fallon's Producer Joins Vox Media
    Gavin Purcell, who was the producer of "The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon" has split to become Vox's new head of video. Purcell oversaw on-air production as well as the late-night show's interactive elements including its digital properties. Lots of them went viral. 
  • Barbara Kopple Doc To Stream On Time Inc. Sites
    “FutureWork,” a four-part series from Barbara Kopple about the new realities of work in America, will be shown on the Time.com and Fortune.com sites. The films were funded by WorkingNation which tries to educate viewers on workplace issues. Kopple’s work includes Oscar winners "Harlan County, USA" and "American Dream."
  • Snapchat Wants To Keep Discover Ad Dollars
    It proposes to pay publishers that appear on its Discover platform for their content and then sell ads themselves, and keep all the revenue. Right now they split it with publishers. 
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