• 'Anime Strike' Service Debuts On Amazon
    Amazon started its own on-demand anime outlet.  A subscription to the newly unveiled Anime Strike is  $4.99 a month. It has  1,000 anime titlles. The Verge says it is aimed at older viewers. But still no Crunchyroll available through Amazon.
  • Rooster Teeth Interactive "11 Little Roosters" Starts Now
    The Roosters are international spies who must figure out which one of them is a traitor. Viewers play by accurately predicting plot points using QR clues ,dialogue and audio hints.
  • Snapchat Makes It Easier To Discover 'Discover'
    Snapchat began rolling out an update to its mobile apps that makes its search bar more prevalent and more useful. A unified search bar also makes it easier to find Discover channels and Live Stories to check out.
  • YouTube Monetizes Live Video With 'Super Chat'
    YouTube just launched Super Chat -- a new feature to help content creators monetize when they stream live video. It “allows viewers to pay to pin a comment on live streams,” The Verge reports. “Soon, when someone goes on a live stream, you’ll see a dollar bill symbol in the chat window.”
  • Twitter's Pre-Globes Stream Draws A Crowd
    About 2.7 million Twitter users streamed its pre-Golden Globes video stream--almost as many as watched Twitter's last NFL feed. Also, probably because of Meryl Streep's news-making remarks, this Globes event was the most tweeted ever, with 4.7 million mentions. 
  • Group M, Ad Bureau Working On New Ratings Tech
     Group M t is working on a methodology that would allow advertisers to count the number of impressions their commercials get, no matter if they appear on TV, alongside streaming video or other in new viewing frontiers. Variety says it's working with the Video Advertising Bureau.
  • Netflix's World Plans On Display In Brazil
    The company wants the attention of the world’s well-off consumers. Its massive investment in content in Brazil shows how seriously Netflix takes its worldwide ambitions. Netflix thinks someday, international customers could make up 75%-80% of its subscription base. In Brazil, a new series called "3%" starring Blanco Comparato, a well-known Brazilian actress, led the way. 
  • YouTube Red Talking To Conan?
    As Turner Broadcasting buzzes about making Conan O'Brien's talk show a digital-first feature (while keeping it on TBS in some form), the New York Post's Claire Atkinson reports pay provided YouTube Red is interested in making a deal with O'Brien when his contract is up. Atkinson writes, "O’Brien, who is reportedly paid $12 million a year at TBS, is in the final year of his contract. The 53-year-old host is angling for a raise and a shake-up of his role at the network — perhaps a role that could better exploit his digital abilities, a source said."
  • Mossberg: Streaming TV Is Too Much Like Cable TV
    Walt Mossberg opines that services like Sling TV and DirecTV Now (not to mention Playstation Vue, which he doesn't mention) are just warmed over skinny versions of cable and who needs that?  He writes that  "even if you want to think of them as cheap cable/satellite replacements, and you’re fine with that (unlike me), they can’t guarantee you’ll get your local TV channels and all the broadcast networks they offer. For instance, it might depend on whether a network owns your local affiliate, which isn’t true in most cases, and hard to figure out ahead of time in almost every case."
  • Bumble Dating App Offers 10-Sec, Video Audition
    Bumble users will be able record 10-second videos from directly within the app, so prospective daters can really, really get to know a woman a lot better. But these only last 24 hours.
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