Reebok Kicks Off 'Reethym Of Lite' Campaign


Reebok is rolling out its new Reebok Lite line, which it describes as a cross between its '80s-era classics and cutting-edge technology, with a TV spot and videos by hip-hop producer Swizz Beatz.

But don't look for any leg warmers, headbands, or Madonna references: While the shoes themselves may evoke '80s flashbacks, the new campaign is pure urban club culture. It includes 25 dancers, 150 extras and choreography from Hi-Hat, as lasers, smoke and an acrylic box create a multidimensional Classic R, enclosed within a box.

A spokesman for the company, now owned by Adidas, says it marks the first time Reebok's Classics division will use TV in a decade, and that the spots will run on ESPN, Comedy Central, Adult Swim/Cartoon Network, MTV, and BET.

The "new" line includes the Freestyle, as well as the Ex-O-Fit high top, the Classic Leather Runner and the Workout Low Plus. They're even sold in the original Union Jack box, which the company claims has been faithfully remade, right down to the exact standards of '80s typography.



"In our Classic Lite collection, we've updated iconic Reebok styles with materials, colors and styling details that appeal to people who live their lives at the intersection of dance, art, street culture and sport -- and it's these people who we wanted to celebrate in the Reethym of Lite campaign," Todd Krinsky, head of Classics for Reebok, says in the company's release.

In addition to TV, online ads are scheduled for Hulu, YouTube,, Pandora, Complex, Facebook,, VEVO, and Twitter, with print appearing in such titles as Fader, Nylon Guys, and Spin. The spokesperson says Reebok is also commissioning custom public artwork, featuring interpretations of "Reethym of Light," in both New York and Atlanta.

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