NFL Scores Higher Ad Revenues, Ratings

With just about a third of the NFL season completed, national advertising revenues from NFL programming -- as well as viewership metrics -- continue to mostly trend higher.

After five weeks of the season, total national TV advertising revenue and value across all NFL TV networks -- CBS, NBC, Fox, ESPN, and NFL Network -- is up 5%, pulling in $947.7 million, according to This is up over the $905.5 million over the same period a year ago.

The biggest advertising spenders on NFL football programming so far this year include: FanDuel, $42.3 million; Verizon, $32.3 million; DraftKings, $30.7 million; Toyota, $24.3 million; the National Football League, $23.9 million; and Geico, $21.9 million.

FanDuel and DraftKings have been major new players this season.



A year ago, the big NFL TV advertisers through the same period were: Verizon, $39.3 million; NFL, $30.6 million; Geico, $26.3 million; Southwest Airlines, $20. million; and Samsung Mobile, $19.7 million.

TV ratings are higher across virtually all TV networks. For example, CBS’ “NFL on CBS” -- the network’s Sunday afternoon broadcast of games -- is averaging a Nielsen 18.2 million viewers, which the network says is the highest through the first five weeks of the season going back 29 years.

NBC’s “Sunday Night Football” is averaging 23.9 million viewers after five games versus 22.5 million the previous year. CBS/NFL Network’s “Thursday Night Football” is at 18.1 million this year versus 16.4 million a year ago, while ESPN’s “Monday Night Football” is up slightly to 13.5 million versus 13.4 million after five weeks.

Through four games, Fox is down slightly by 3% at 19.93 million for its Sunday daytime/afternoon games for its 20.5 million viewers for the same period.

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  1. Brian Nakamoto from Tightrope Interactive, Inc., October 19, 2015 at 4:58 p.m.

    The NFL is giving up their 501(c)(6) status starting with their 2015 fiscal year. I believe the NHL and PGA are still both tax-exempt.

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