SendGrid, FullContact Announce Partnership, Linking Social To Shopping

SendGrid and FullContact announced a partnership on Friday, granting SendGrid customers access to social data that can power more personalized email marketing initiatives.   

SendGrid is a cloud-based communications platform that delivers more than 35 billion emails each month, facilitating deliverability for customers like HubSpot, Pandora, AirBnB and Uber. SendGrid is primarily known as a transactional email service, but its new partnership with FullContact will help propel its email marketing business.

FullContact is a contact management platform that helps build out customer profiles by pulling in data from more than 120 social sites. FullContact helps enrich customer profiles by pinpointing demographic attributes such as age, gender or location, as well as affinity data, such as what customers are watching. The company then helps to transition these attributes into actionable data, facilitating marketing segmentation and targeting.

FullContact’s business model lies in data enrichment as opposed to email sends, so it makes sense for the two companies to work together, says Scott Heimes, CMO at SendGrid. Both companies are based in Colorado, and Heimes says FullContact’s Denver offices are just right down the street from SendGrid. The organizations have also previously partnered to work for the Denver Broncos.



Enriching contact data primarily from social, Heimes says, helps to achieve greater personalization.

Heimes labels this announcement as the “first phase” of the partnership between SendGrid and FullContact, adding that the full technical integration is being planned. The exact release date is still to be determined, but Heimes estimates that a late 2017/early 2018 announcement is likely.

The goal of the partnership is to “create richer content and data behind every email recipient list,” says Heimes. 

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