Video Streaming Spend Hits $166M For National TV Ads

Video streaming services continue to push spending on national linear TV advertising -- largely due to major TV sports programming.

Over the last three months, total video streaming services have spent $166.2 million on national TV advertising -- 49,020 airings of commercials, according to

A year before, over the same period, $197.9 million was spent on 49,819 airings. While much of TV spending for video streaming services has been for NBC football and the Super Bowl, last year there was heavy additional spending for NBC’s Winter Olympics.

Some 11.8 billion impressions were gained in this year for video streaming businesses, versus 11.2 billion during the same period in 2018.

For the most current three-month period, Amazon Prime Video is at $43 million in national TV spend, followed by Netflix at $27.5 million; Hulu, $19.2 million; Amazon Fire TV, $18.2 million; Sling TV, $17.2 million; Amazon Fire TV Cube, $15.2 million; YouTube TV, $14.9 million; CuriosityStream, $4.1 million; CBS All Access, and $2.2 million; and BritBox, $1.4 million.

In terms of total airings of commercials, Sling TV has run 15,689 spots; Hulu, 8,931; CuriosityStream, 5,269; ESPN+, 4,697 (through on-air promos on ESPN networks); and Amazon Prime Video, 2,930.



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