6sense Debuts Service To Help B2B Account Teams

6sense, a B2B engagement platform, has launched an AI-driven tool to help business development representatives (BDRs) engage the buying team within a target account.

The new service, Next Best Actions, delivers recommendations to BDRs based on a variety of data points, the company says. 

The objective is to help sales teams “prioritize actions, reduce manual effort, and maximize pipeline generation by leveraging AI out-of-the-box rather than a linear rules-based approach,” states Amar Doshi, VP of Product at 6sense.

6Sense has an intent network comprised of over 3.5 million B2B websites and a company graph that matches buying signals to accounts, the firm adds.

In addition, it can help brands “eliminate manual tasks, increase the number of hyper-personalized emails and calls placed every day, and deliver higher-quality engagement with key prospects,” clams Ernest Owusu, director of sales development at 6Sense, based on the firm’s own use of Next Best Actions.   



According to the company, Next Best Actions helps BDRs:

  • Get daily recommendations for which people to focus on within a target account 
  • Find new contacts for buyer personas on LinkedIn or LinkedIn Sales Navigator
  • Add key contacts to a sales engagement platform
  • View talking points at the individual or account level
  • Display history of outreach and engagement activity



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