Netflix To Offer New Ad, Sponsorship, Measurement Options

After one year of operation, Netflix’s ad-supported option will offer new advertising and measurement innovations.

In 2024, Netflix will offer global advertisers new measurement data for “campaign verification” via third-party providers. It did not provide further details about this.

During the past 12 months, Netflix has rolled out global third-party verification from Integral Ad Science and DoubleVerify, as well as measurement/business outcome data from EDO Inc. Netflix also launched Nielsen One measurement in the U.S. 

As previously reported by MediaDailyNews, for the upcoming year, Netflix will sell marketers new advertising opportunities -- including a special media package around accessing ad-option "binge" viewers. 



After watching three consecutive episodes -- where marketers will air their creative -- viewers will be offered a fourth episode ad-free.

That episode will include an introductory “brought to you by” message from the advertiser.

Also, in early 2024, advertisers will be able to use their QR codes in their U.S. ad-option creative. In the ad, Netflix says it looks to dramatically increase major sponsorships for TV shows in 2024. 

Recently, for the new season of dating show “Love Is Blind,” Netflix started up a Frito Lay’s Smartfood sponsorship.

Soon it will also announce sponsors for a new reality series “Squid Game: The Challenge” -- a spinoff of its scripted drama of the same name -- as well as sponsors for the final season for  “The Crown.”

Around the holidays, Netflix will offer "Moment Sponsorships" for marketers' holiday media buys. This will become available at the end of this year, and available globally in 2024.

It has now grown to 15 million monthly active global users, according to Amy Reinhard, president of advertising for the streaming service, in a company press release.

Netflix did not reveal its data for U.S. monthly active users (MAU). Industry estimates put Netflix at around 5 million to 6 million monthly active monthly users for its ad-option.

All this adds to the opportunity for marketers to buy and target the Netflix "Top 10" list of daily or weekly shows and movies -- something Netflix announced at its first upfront advertising presentation in May of this year.

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