Alo Stretches Further Into Wellness

Alo wants fans to “Move Into Wellness” with a new campaign, a new line of supplements and a different way of looking at self-care.

The new effort stars NBA great Jimmy Butler, model Rosie Huntington, and nutrition expert Radhi Devlukia -- all talking about how they reset, refresh and renew.

While the cast keeps the brand’s focus on celebs (Alo bills its products as “celeb-approved workout gear”), the campaign also reflects the D2C company’s changing product mix.

Inspired by the idea that “wellness is an active pursuit,” the campaign is rooted in movement and how exercise builds the mind-body connection. An Alo spokesperson says the effort marks the first time the company has “positioned our entire health and wellness ecosystem in one campaign.”

In an email to D2C Insider, she says the campaign is linked to January resolutions, “a unique time of introspection and reset, of personal growth and intention setting. It’s the perfect time to connect to someone with a message that speaks to where they are in that moment.”

The celebs align with fashion, performance and wellness, Alo’s three product pillars.

Alo, an acronym for air, land and ocean, created the campaign in-house. Ads are running on social media, digital, and in the company’s retail stores, studios and community partnerships.

The company, which makes apparel that gives rival Lululemon something to worry about, began expanding beyond clothing in 2020, introducing body care, skincare and hair products. And last summer, Alo debuted a line of supplements that feature prominently in this campaign. The brand also made a splash in the metaverse, partnering with the Sandbox to introduce a virtual collection on Roblox.

The new effort highlights the “stackable” supplements’ components, including adaptogens and ingredients like amla, an antioxidant superberry. The three formulations promise to “enhance radiance, beat stress and lift mood.”

The nutrition collection also includes the ingestible Gel Shots, launched in August, that offer beauty and immunity support. 

This spring, Alo intends to roll out a line of supplements to support sexual wellness, digestion and sleep.

Besides the Alo website, the supplements are available at Sephora and Alo’s “sanctuaries,” as it calls its stores. Currently, there are more than 40. And the company intends to have more than 100 locations open by next year.

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