Daily Online Examiner Editions for May 2016
Daily Online Examiner - Tuesday, May 31, 2016
FCC Urged To Craft New Privacy Regs For Unlocked Cable Boxes
Newspaper Association Of America Asks FTC To Probe Ad Blocking Companies
EU Tightens Hate Speech Rules
Appeals Court Sides With Delta In Battle Over App Privacy
Health Care Professionals Rebut Bad Reviews By Disclosing Patients' Information
Gawker Media Facing Five Defamation-Related Lawsuits
Consumers Lack Security Awareness: Study
Senate Delays Email Privacy Bill Vote
Periscope Puts Trolls On Trial
More People Block Ads On Mobile Than Desktop
Daily Online Examiner - Friday, May 27, 2016
Illinois Lawmaker Wants To Gut Privacy Protections For 'Faceprints'
eBay Co-Founder Backing Gawker Against Hulk Hogan
IAB Weighs In Against Broadband Privacy Rules
FBI Raids Security Researcher's Home
Clinton Defends Use of Private Email Server
Google Now Controls 12% Of All Global Media Spend
Will Facebook Weigh In On Thiel's Legal Scheming?
87% of American Workers Check Work Email After Hours
France Moves Forward With The Right To Disconnect
How Ad Blocking, Invalid Traffic And Viewability Impact Campaign Delivery
Daily Online Examiner - Thursday, May 26, 2016
Chamber Of Commerce Opposes Tough Broadband Privacy Rules
Peter Thiel Teaches Billionaires How To Go Nuclear
Thiel Funded Hogan Lawsuit To Punish 'Gawker'
AT&T Customers Want To Take Battle Over Broadband Throttling To Appeals Court
Apple & Facebook Urge Congress to Pass Email Privacy Bill
Abuse Of Females Rife Online -- And Women Are Responsible For Half Of It
Google Eliminates Passwords, Begins Something New
Netflix And Amazon Must Carry 20% European Content In The EU
How To Understand And Target Reader Behavior
Two Years To Go Until GDPR Becomes The Law
Trump Spokeswoman Sends Campaign Plans to Reporter Instead of Adviser
Dish Network Adds Digital Video Device To Up Mobile Storage
Daily Online Examiner - Wednesday, May 25, 2016
FTC To Examine Privacy Policies, AdChoices Icon
Tackling The Transparency Challenge
IAB, New York Times, Others Back Gannett In Privacy Battle
Predictive Consumer Experiences: The Promise Of The Internet Of Things
Ecuadorian Regime No Fan Of Free Speech
Wireless, Cable/Internet Providers Struggling With Customer Experience
Report: PayPay Co-Founder Funded Hulk Hogan's Lawsuit Against Gawker
Students Honored For Anti-Bullying Campaigns
Microsoft Puts Plans In Place To Combat Terrorist Content Online
Tax Officials Raid Google Paris
What Google Is Doing To Stop Ad Fraud
Daily Online Examiner - Tuesday, May 24, 2016
Silicon Valley Protests 'Zero-Rating' Schemes, Calls For New FCC Rules
Facebook Investigation Finds Potential For Media Bias
Broadband Privacy Proposal Too Broad, Former FTC Chair Says
5 Things You Didn't Know About Ad Fraud
Mobile Data Use Spikes, CTIA Reports
Social Media Tracks Zika Misinformation
Twitter Adds Value To Tweets
AT&T's New Data Caps Take Effect
Google, Oracle Attorneys Present Closing Arguments In Java, Android Case
Guccifer Expected to Plead Guilty
Daily Online Examiner - Monday, May 23, 2016
Advertisers Slam 'Flawed' Set-Top Box Proposal
Facebook Must Face Class-Action For Scanning 'Private' Messages
Sprint Exempts Soccer Tournament From Data Caps
Anti-Fraud Certification Launches With 30+ Participants
Frontier Says Lawsuit Over Slow Broadband Belongs In Arbitration
Trademark Lawsuit Filings In Decline
Suspicious Death Reports Sent to Wrong Email Address
LinkedIn Files Cease & Desist Order Over Stolen Data That's Up for Sale
Moms Who Use Social Media Are More Anxious
Daily Online Examiner - Thursday, May 19, 2016
French Censorship Order Appealed By Google
Nextdoor Grapples With Racial Profiling
Google Challenges Illinois 'Faceprint' Law
The Data Tsunami Is Coming
Consumers Filed 21,000 Net Neutrality Complaints Since June
ANA Finds Most Clients Ignorant About 'Sourced Traffic,' Calls On Agencies To 'Educate' Them
Data Collected From Internet-Connected TV Challenged
Zuckerberg Soothes Concerned Conservatives
Daily Online Examiner - Wednesday, May 18, 2016
Broadband Privacy Proposal Moving Too Fast, Regulator Says
Google Makes Final Pitch To Supreme Court Over Pay-Per-Click Class Action
LinkedIn Suffers Major Hack
Google Home Brings Privacy, Security Questions Into Play
Netflix Launches Speed Test Tool
Will EU State Aid Rules Leave Homes Without Superfast Broadband?
Vietnamese Government Shuts Down Facebook
Research Finds Native Advertising Can Damage Media Outlets' Reputations
Daily Online Examiner - Monday, May 16, 2016
Online Data Broker May Have To Face Lawsuit Over Errors
Gannett Asks Appeals Court To Reconsider App Privacy Ruling
NYU Sues YouTube For Copyright Infringement
Cable Lobbyist Criticizes 'Relentless Regulatory Assault' By FCC
France Could Ban Emails After Work Hours
Viacom Unveils 'Datafront,' Will Dive Into Messy 'Convergent' Issues
Email Privacy Bill Goes to the House This Week
Capture Of Consumer Data Seen As Challenge In Connected Homes
Federal Agency Told Not to Integrate Google & Slack Due to Potential Data Breach Issues
Feds Bow Social Screening For Security Clearances
Daily Online Examiner - Friday, May 13, 2016
People Limit Web Use Due To Privacy Concerns, Commerce Department Says
Researchers Post Data About 70,000 OKCupid Users
Jerk.com Duped Users, Appeals Court Rules
Congress Has Banned Yahoo Email Addresses After an Attack
Forbes Tests New Tactics To Fight Ad Blocking
Zuckerberg Launches 'Full Investigation' Into Accusations Of Media Bias
French Government to Ban After Hours Work Emails
Tumblr Reveals Email Data Breach
Mozilla Asks Court For Insight Into FBI Hack
Trump Brings Amazon Internet Tax Issues Back Into Spotlight
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