Daily Online Examiner Editions for January 2017
Daily Online Examiner - Tuesday, Jan. 31, 2017
Pai Won't Force Cable Companies To Replace Set-Top Boxes With Apps
Facebook Can't Shake Battle Over Birthday Texts
Comcast Launches App For Roku
Franken Warns FCC Against Weakening Net Neutrality
WhatsApp Letting Users Delete Sent Messages
Publishers Register Opposition, Concern Over Trump's Immigration Order
NY Attorney General Settles Acer Data Breach Suit
Facebook Ups Security to Prevent Email Hackers From Stealing Login Details
Google Staff Protests Trump On Immigration
IAB's Rothenberg Calls For Industry Effort Against Fake News
Lessons From Uber, Starbucks: Will Hashtagtivism Disrupt Your Business?
Daily Online Examiner - Monday, Jan. 30, 2017
Broadband Carriers Ask FCC To Stay Privacy Rules
Court Sides With Gym In Robo-Texting Battle
Social Media Fuels 'Alt-Majority' Protests Against Trump
Social Media Gets Defiant
Holding Companies Speak Out On Trump's Travel Ban
Amazon And Expedia Join Washington AG's Suit Against Immigration Ban
Could A General Strike Succeed? Maybe, With Social Media
Opposition Branding: At Least One Campaign Sees Some Lyft
Google Celebrates Japanese Civil Rights Activist
64% of Americans Have Been Victims in Data Breach
Google Creates 'Crisis' Campaign
Daily Online Examiner - Friday, Jan. 27, 2017
Ad Industry Asks Congress To Overturn Broadband Privacy Rules
Pai Wants To Exempt Small ISPs From Broadband Disclosure Rules
GOP Urges Pai To Nix Set-Top-Box Reform
FCC Gives New York State $170 Million For Broadband Expansion
Google Pivots To Republicans In Post-Obama America
Gmail Will Soon Be Even More Secure
Industry Groups Tackle Privacy In Connected Cars
Most Americans Don't Trust Social Media News, But It Only Takes A Few
The Facebook Search For Deeper, Longer Meaning
Daily Online Examiner - Thursday, Jan. 26, 2017
Congress Urged To Nix Broadband Privacy Rules
Ohlhausen Named Acting FTC Chair
Comcast To Roll Out Wireless Service
Triple A, Anheuser-Busch And Wayfair Didn't Comply With Privacy Rules, Watchdog Says
Trump's Team Reportedly Using Private Email Server
Verizon Eyes Charter Communications
Chrome Browser Adds New Security Features
Email Privacy Act Supporters To Focus On Importance Of Targeting Criminals When Reading Emails
Facebook, Google Move Against Fake News
Trump Isn't Just Tweeting, He Is Prescribing Policy
Daily Online Examiner - Wednesday, Jan. 25, 2017
AT&T Merger With Time Warner Poses Threat, Senate Democrats Warn
Man Who Live Streamed Son's Birth Presses Claims Against ABC, Yahoo And Others
Trump Admin Widens Social Media Ban
Do Ad Blockers Have A Good Point? Are Digital Ads Just Too Untrustworthy?
Sophos Rolls Out Phishing Security Test And Training Program
Cox Extends Data Caps To New Markets
Russia Arrests Cybersecurity Researcher For Treason
US Election Prompts Britons To Question Digital Privacy
Court Denies DOJ Appeal in Microsoft Overseas Privacy Case
T-Mobile Gives Former AT&T Free Year Of Hulu
Apple To Limit App Developer Queries
GDPR Is A Gilded Opportunity To Innovate And Find New Global Customers -- Just Ask The DMA
Daily Online Examiner - Tuesday, Jan. 24, 2017
ANA Expects Trump FCC Pick To Revisit Privacy
Trump Orders USDA Employees To Stop Tweeting
Netflix Acquires Rights To Film About Hulk Hogan's Battle With Gawker
Consumer Security Issues Raised By Connected Cars
Fashion Editor Fired Over Rude Email About Intern
FTC Extends Privacy Principles To Cross-Device
Kochava Debuts New App Fraud Verifier Tool
What If WhiteHouse.gov Becomes The Trump Channel?
How Echo Chambers Form
Daily Online Examiner - Monday, Jan. 23, 2017
Newspaper Group Cheers Ajit Pai's Elevation To FCC Chairman
Snapchat Tells Its Partners To Clean Up Their Acts
Amazon Appeals FTC Win In Battle Over In-App Purchases
SEC Investigating Timing Of Yahoo's Disclosures About Data Breaches
Trump Team Suspends Official Twitter Feeds After Critical Tweets
Now FCC Stepping In On IoT Regulations
Twitter Streaming Of Inauguration Down From Comparable Events, Russian Viewing Doubled
Lavabit Email Encryption Makes a Comeback
Trump Signs Executive Orders On Monday: TPP, Federal Hiring Freeze
Daily Online Examiner - Friday, Jan. 20, 2017
Ad Networks Can Personally Identify Web Users
Net Neutrality Critic Ajit Pai Expected To Head FCC
Meitu Beauty App Scoops Up Users' Calendars, Contacts, Other Data
Snap Disputes Ex-Employee's 'Preposterous' Allegations
Commerce Dept. Sets Guiding Principles For Internet Of Things
Clients, Agencies Split On Trump Presidency: Guess Who's More Upbeat?
Julian Assange Now Says He Will Hand Himself To US Authorities
Scam Email Cost Connecticut Town $2M
Anonymous Warns Trump It Will Release Damaging Info
Fake News Didn't Sway Election (Probably)
Daily Online Examiner - Thursday, Jan. 19, 2017
Netflix Says It Won't Be Hurt By Net Neutrality Repeal
Samsung Can't Shake Class-Action By Wireless Users
Google Promotes Own Products In Search Results
Rise In Broadband-Only Homes Using TV Antennas
Mobile 'Click Injection' Fraud Projected To Rise This Year
Snap Taps Oracle Data Cloud To Target Ads
FTC Charges Chip Maker With Antitrust Suit
Consumers Think Brands Are Responsible for Data Breaches
Maine Lawmakers Make Brave Stand Against Social Media, Reality
Daily Online Examiner - Wednesday, Jan. 18, 2017
Mississippi Attorney General Sues Google Over Student Privacy
Google Disables Ad Blocker AdNauseam
Tech Targeting Failing? Yes, Say Researchers
Facebook Hit With New Lawsuit Over Inflated Video Ad Metrics
Wheeler Presses For Preservation Of Net Neutrality Rules
Gen Xers Spends More Time On Social Than Millennials
President Obama Commutes Chelsea Manning's Sentence
Spammers Link to Fake Gmail Login Pages
DMA Concerned By Third-Party Data Rules In New ePrivacy Regulation
Most Users Object To Video Piracy, One-Third Watch Pirated Content
Nielsen Licenses AT&T Sub Data: Will Incorporate Into National, Local TV Ratings
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