Marketing CPG Weekly Editions for February 2024
Marketing CPG Weekly - Friday, Feb. 23, 2024
Brands' Cautious Super Bowl Approach Reflects Wider Marketing Timidity
Pop-Tart Inventor Leaves A Legacy
Pet-Friendly Cadbury Bunny Tryouts Hop Into Bracket Madness
Gerber Introduces 'We Speak Parent' Platform With 'Decisions'
WPP Reports 2023 Growth Of 0.9%, With Similar Growth Expected In 2024
Coinbase Wins Liquid Death Auction For 'Biggest Ad Ever'
Kevin Hart Fits 29 Hours Into A Day In Fast-Paced C4 Energy Ad
Lucky Charms Mascot Vanishes Ahead Of St. Patrick's Day
Marketing CPG Weekly - Friday, Feb. 16, 2024
Why Snack Brands Score High In The Super Bowl
Coca-Cola Introduces First Permanent Addition To Flavor Portfolio In Over 3 Years
From 'Pickup Limes' To 'Gintimates': How 4 Brands Approached V Day
Abreva Aims To Destigmatize Cold Sores With Diamond Sweepstakes
Inside CeraVe's Three-Phase Big Game Assault
Coca-Cola Touts Success Of Shift To Digital Marketing
Liquid Death Goes Solid With Death Dust
Marketing CPG Weekly - Friday, Feb. 9, 2024
Searching For Mr.P: Pringles' SB Campaign Begins And Ends With User-Generated Content
Kick-Ass Grandmas Spark Doritos Dinamita's Super Bowl Ad
Bud Light Goes For Genie Outreach
Aubrey Plaza Deadpans 'Having A Blast' In Mtn Dew's Super Bowl Ad
ScarJo Joins 'Almost Champions' In M&M's Super Bowl Campaign
Can Flicking The Cognitive Switch Boost Focus And Concentration?
BodyArmor Challenges 'Field Of Fake' In Super Bowl Debut
Nerds Introduce Brand Character Gummy In Ferrara's Big Game Debut
'TP Is Nacho Best Choice': Dude Wipes Runs Cheeky Digital OOH SB Campaign
Marketing CPG Weekly - Friday, Feb. 2, 2024
Shadow-Watching: Why Focus On Groundhog Day ?
Budweiser's Clydesdales Provide 'Old School Delivery' In Big Game Ad
MiraLax Loosens Up The Constipation Conversation
Hot Wing Sauce In A Glass? Truly Gives Hard Seltzer Spicy Kick
Werther's Original Launches First Global Campaign In 5 Years
Mars Invests $50M+ In 'Chew You Good' Gum Brands Platform
May-ow! Kate McKinnon's Cat Is Global Celeb In Hellman's Super Bowl Ad
Oikos Enlists Martin Lawrence, Shannon Sharpe For Broadcast-less Super Bowl Campaign
Daily Harvest Launches Fruit & Veggie Pops, With -- Surprise! -- A Nail Polish Collab