• Chipotle Cooking Up Campaign To Win Back Customers
    Chipotle executives promised Wednesday to pour marketing dollars into a campaign next month to woo back customers who fled after reports of food-borne illnesses in several locations last year and they nixed the idea of mass layoffs in anticipation they will eventually succeed in doing so. It apparently was a convincing story to otherwise dismal investors as the stock jumped nearly 6% yesterday after falling to $428 a share from about $750 over the last quarter.
  • Uber Invites Developers To Deliver Content On Its App
    After shepherding a billion riders to and fro since its inception, Uber tells us in a blog post Tuesday, it came up with a new idea: "What if developers could also offer users of their apps new ways to enjoy themselves - or get stuff done - while they're on the road?" And so it is rolling out Trip Experiences, "which is a fancy name for mobile notifications and content from third-party services," writes Kia Kokalitcheva for "Fortune."
  • AT&T Bundles Unlimited Smartphone Data Offer With DirecTV Sub
    AT&T is offering a new unlimited data, talk and text plan to new and existing wireless customers who have or add its DirecTV or U-Verse services, ratcheting up the battle for the unplugged consumer of all things video.
  • David Bowie, Master Of Branding And Reinvention, Dies
    After a very private 18-month battle with cancer and just a couple of days after the release of an acclaimed 25th album, "Blackstar," on his 69th birthday, David Bowie "died peacefully [Sunday night] surrounded by his family," according to a post on his Facebook page.
  • Chipotle Cooperating With Fed Criminal Probe As Sales Worsen
    Chipotle Mexican Grill not only told investors yesterday that its sales had been harder hit than it initially anticipated by the reaction to recent outbreaks of E. coli and other food-borne illnesses, it also revealed that it received a grand jury subpoena last month for an investigation by federal authorities into a norovirus outbreak in August at a restaurant in Simi Valley, Calif.
  • Reports Of iPhone Production Cuts Cause A Stir
    Apple is cutting order forecasts to its iPhone suppliers, according to a story in the "Wall Street Journal," "sending ripples throughout the multibillion-dollar industry that supplies and builds the company's phones." Eva Dou reports, for example, that the government of a Chinese provincial capital has set aside more than $12 million in subsidies to keep workers on the line at Foxconn Technology Group, according to sources.
  • Lyft Gets $500 Million Boost From Alliance With General Motors
    General Motors will invest $500 million in the ride-sharing company Lyft to create "an integrated network of on-demand autonomous vehicles" in the U.S. over the long term. Meanwhile, and beginning immediately, GM will be a "preferred provider" of short-term rental vehicles for Lyft drivers through hubs in various cities in the U.S. Also, GM president Dan Ammann is joining the board of Lyft, which yesterday announced additional funding from other new and existing investors of $500 million, bringing its valuation to $5.5 billion.
  • The Top 10 Columns Of 2015
    Four years after his death, Steve Jobs still draws a crowd. A piece about a sympathetic new biography of the Apple co-founder was the most-read "Top of the News" column last year. Another entrepreneur whose passion and vision is frequently compared to Jobs, Elon Musk, is featured in two other Top 10 finishers.
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