• Ban On Body-Shaming Ads Puts Protein World In Spotlight Again
    London mayor Sadiq Khan's ban of body-shaming advertisements in London's public transit system Monday has engendered a worldwide debate about censorship and resurrected social-media conversations over a controversial ad last year that featured a bikini-clad model illustrating the question: "Are You Beach Body Ready?"
  • Wanting To Get Into The Loop, McDonald's Exiting Oak Brook
    Following younger workers returning to the cities, McDonald's yesterday announced that it was relocating its global headquarters from suburban Oak Brook, Ill., to the space in Chicago's West Loop neighborhood that once contained Oprah Winfrey's Harpo Studios.
  • Siri Expected To Be Center Stage As Apple Developers Gather
    If Siri weren't so darned discreet, she'd tell you that she's going to be one of the stars at the Apple Developers Conference kicking off in San Francisco this morning - along with a new iOS 10 and macOS 12, if all goes according to rumor. WWDC16 will also be viewable on all compatible devices starting at 10 a.m. PDT.
  • Thomas Perkins, Who Seeded The Growth Of Silicon Valley, 84
    Thomas Perkins, a venture capitalist whose firm was an early backer of Silicon Valley disrupters such as Netscape, America Online, Sun Microsystems, Amazon and Google, died yesterday in Marin County, Calif. He was 84.
  • Chevy Is Punching Holes - Literally - In 'Built Ford Tough'
    Chevrolet has uploaded a three-minute comparison spot in which an 825-pound load of cobblestones is dumped first into the steel bed of one of its Silverado pickups, then into the aluminum bed of a Ford F-150. Guess which fares better under the pressure?
  • Keurig Yanks Kold Machines, Vows To Continue 'Reimagining'
    In less time than it takes store-bought soda pop to go flat in the pantry, Keurig Green Mountain yesterday said it was discontinuing the first generation of its pricey Kold carbonation device and is offering early adapters a full refund of the purchase price.
  • Revenue-Based AAdvantage Program Cleared For Takeoff
    American Airlines says that it will switch from a mileage-based to a ticket-price model for its AAdvantage frequent flier program on Aug. 1 - a move it had indicated it would make late last year - with an added twist: there will be annual baseline spending levels to reach "elite status."
  • Fadell Leaves Nest Eschewing 'Maintenance Mode'
    Alphabet, Inc. announced Friday that Apple veteran and Nest founder and CEO Tony Fadell would be leaving the IoT company that Google bought for $3.2 billion in 2004. Coverage immediately cited the very public complaints of a few employees and colleagues over Fadell's management style, coupled with some purported blown deadlines and dampened performance.
  • Roger Enrico, Who Took Pepsi To The Blink Of Victory, 71
    The former Pepsi marketing chief, chairman and CEO who famously - and accurately - claimed in a book that he'd made Coca-Cola blink after 87 years of cola warfare - died while snorkeling off Grand Cayman Wednesday.
  • FDA's Proposes Voluntary Reductions In Salt For Prepared Foods
    The rationale for reducing sodium consumption were made clear in both the subhed - "to prevent premature illnesses and deaths" -and the second paragraph of the FDA news release announcing the action.
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