• Ford Promises A Fleet Of Self-Driving Cars By 2021
    Just five years from now, CEO Mark Fields and other Ford executives made clear in a whirlwind of media appearances, interviews, a press conference and a call with analysts yesterday, it will have a fleet of vehicles navigating highways and byways without steering wheels, brakes or gas pedals.
  • FTC Sues 1-800 Contacts; Beauty Marketers Joust Over Proposed FDA Regs
    The Federal Trade Commission last week sued 1-800 Contacts for, it alleges, preventing at least 14 unnamed competitors from buying search advertisements in signed marketing agreements that resulted in "at least some consumers" paying higher retail prices than they would have.
  • Cook Tackles Big Themes As Apple Rumors Swirl
    Even as rumors about Apple's forthcoming iPhone 7, Apple Watch 2 and other products heat up, CEO Tim Cook talks with the Washington Post's Jena McGregor in a sprawling interview that touches on everything from the mistakes he's made in the five years since he succeeded Steve Jobs to the rosy gold future of the iPhone to privacy issues, his gay-rights activism, the people he calls for advice and his summer reading list.
  • Macy's Says 100 Stores Are On The Chopping Block
    Macy's decision to close another 100 stores because they are worth more as real estate than as retail outlets drew a crowd of interested buyers yesterday. Its shares rose as much 17%, its biggest intraday gain since December 2008. It had been down 2.8% on the year, Bloomberg reports.
  • Luxury Brands Say Enough Is Enough; Cut Back On Deals, Distribution
    Who needs a pricey handbag if just about anybody can afford it? That's the message this week from two high-end brands - Michael Kors and Coach - who have announced plans to take back control of the retail prices of their accessories by limiting distribution and not participating in sales for the hoi polloi. And Ralph Lauren, whose #TeamUSA uniforms incited controversy at the Olympic Games last week, couldn't agree more.
  • Delta's Facing PR Challenges
    It's open season on Delta's handling of the PR crises following its cancellation of more flights this morning on top of more than 1,800 yesterday and Monday after a computer problem in Atlanta stranded passengers around the world.
  • Dealers Claim Cadillac's Project Pinnacle Is A Low Blow
    Virtual reality may be the future of brand and social marketing but, for now, Cadillac dealers in rural areas are up in arms about, among other things, a plan that would eliminate their inventory, leaving them with virtual showrooms to close the deal with customers looking to drive away in a spanking new CT6 or ATS-V.
  • South Africa's Steinhoff Acquiring Houston's Mattress Firm
    Steinhoff, a discount retailer based in Cape Town, South Africa, with global ambitions, is buying Mattress Firm Holding Corp., the Houston-based company that in February closed a deal with HMK Mattress Holdings LLC, the holding company of Sleepy's, for $780 million.
  • SeaWorld's Woes Linger; It Pins It On Orlando
    SeaWorld yesterday primarily blamed its poor first half results on an overall downturn in tourism in Orlando - particularly a lack of Brazilians bearing fat wallets - but the lingering impact of the public relations fiasco over its keeping orca whales in captivity is still taking its toll on attendance, other observers suggest, despite plans announced in March to end its breeding program.
  • Wal-Mart May Put Jet.com In Its Cart For $3 Billion
    Jet.com, which has been battling to make the sale to consumers who reflexively head to Amazon's Web site or app when looking for the best price and speedy delivery, is said to be in discussions with Wal-Mart, which has been struggling to catch up with Amazon's e-commerce superiority for years, about a transaction valued as high as $3 billion. Representatives for both companies have refused to comment to reporters from multiple media outlets.
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