• Samsung's Note7 Unveiled; The Eyes Outweigh The Nays
    If you've had an eye for a new, big-screen Samsung, it looks like your time has come. The Galaxy Note7 was unwrapped yesterday with an iris scanner that will allows users to unlock it by gazing into its display's biometric technology.
  • Musk's Sunny Vision Prevails; Boards Approve Tesla Deal For SolarCity
    Pending shareholder approval, Elon Musk's vision for an overarching clean-and-sustainable energy company took a big step toward fruition yesterday when Tesla Motors announced that it had reached an agreement to acquire SolarCity. Musk is CEO of the former, chairman of the latter and the largest shareholder of both.
  • Uber And Didi Chuxing Decide To Share The Ride In China
    Like two bitter foes who agree to share a side in a downpour, Didi Chuxing is buying Uber's brand, business and data in China in a deal that will create a new company said to be worth about $35 billion.
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