• Bezos Down On Google Book Settlement
    Add Jeff Bezos to critics lining up against the settlement between Google and book authors and publishers. Without delving into the subject, he suggested the agreement warrants further review.
  • Mobile Inherits TV's Rabbit Ears
    Mobile TV is counting on a boost from the just-completed switch of TV signals from analog to all-digital. With broadband spectrum freed up by the digital transition, Qualcomm last week announced it would expand its Flo TV live mobile television service to 39 new markets and an additional 60 million customers.
  • Twitterati Take Manhattan
    Forget Internet Week. That was just a warm up for something much bigger -- Twitter Week. True, it's not official, but the micro-blogging sensation has spawned a pair of conferences in New York next week. Commence rapid and constant in-panel thumb-texting.
  • Tempering iPhone's Frenzied 'Irrational Exuberance'
    Not everyone has succumbed to iPhone idolatry -- though Apple would be quick to point out, as it did during its developer conference Monday, that 65% of all mobile Web usage is generated by the iPhone alone.
  • Apps Gaining For Local Mobile Search
    If more and more people turn to apps instead of mobile search to find local listings, that's not necessarily great news for the likes of Google, Yahoo and Microsoft, as they seek to extend their search businesses to cell phones.
  • iPhones For All
    But don't be surprised to see smartphone prices start to tumble under pressure from the 'budget' iPhone. For mobile users, falling prices on smartphones and feature phones coupled with the spread of all-you-can-eat calling and data plans is a welcome trend.
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