• Tops For Men and Women Mobile and Online
    When it comes to the mobile Web, The Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus trope appears to be alive and well. Data released by Nielsen this week showed a sharp contrast between the sites that skew most heavily toward women or men. Overall, mobile Web use increased 34% to 57 million in the last year ending July. While men still make a larger portion of the mobile audience than women (53% to 47%), the number of female visitors year-over-year grew faster-43% to 26% for men.
  • AdMob: iPhone Ad Share Hits 40% Worldwide
    The iPhone continued its global march in August, with the iPhone OS growing from a 33% to 40% market share worldwide, according to the latest monthly metrics from mobile ad network AdMob. The increase comes at the expense of older operating systems like Symbian and Windows Mobile.
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