• Oh, No, It's An Adultery Device Too: 'Time' Discovers 'Wireless'...In Print...Without Irony
    'Time' magazine catches up with the latest hot trend -- 'wireless' -- in this week's issue. Might as well take a look, because you will be seeing these attitudinal statistics in countless Powerpoints for the next 12 months.
  • Parents With Kids Most Likely To M-Shop
    Parents with kids are the sweet spot for mobile marketers. This group not only uses their phone for more shopping tasks, but is also most receptive to marketing programs on their smartphones.
  • Tripling Down: Global Growth Will Supercharge Mobile Ad Market By 2016
    In some markets like Brazil, India and China over the next four years, mobile will become the dominant digital ad platform, claims a new Yankee Group study.
  • The Mobile Campaign Of 2012: Romney And Obama Have Early App Gaffes
    Romney's VP app got scooped by the press in revealing his Ryan pick. And Obama's app is getting dinged for a mushy approach to privacy. Let the campaign app nitpicking begin.
  • More Than Multi-Screening: Olympics Viewers Crafting Their Own Personalized Coverage
    UK viewers not only use mobile to track the Games wherever they may be, but they are using two or more displays in creative ways to assemble their own personal content environment.
  • Cartoon Network Puts Toons/Games Multitasking On One Mobile Screen
    Is Turner's new Cartoon Network app just caving to limited attention spans or foreshadowing the portable screens to come? Maybe you can't game and watch simultaneously. But your kids can.
  • Big Mo For 'SoMo': Quarter of Americans Access Social Nets By Phone
    History may show that the Web was merely an interim technology for social media --- the place it was born but didn't come to live. Mobile devices will be the platform's long-term home.
  • It Is A Reflex Now: Almost Half Of Smartphone Owners Now Using Shopping Apps
    With 45 million Americans using shopping apps, the association between cell phones and buying is established. Opening a smartphone in a store aisle to retrieve information that the product or store does not provide is now a reflex, not a trend.
  • Now Onto The 'Year Of AR' And The Post-Smartphone Era?
    Augmented Reality truly takes off when it gets embedded in eyewear, says one researcher. Which begs the question whether someday we will see the mobile phone itself as an interim technology.
  • Papa Murphy's Boasts 100K SMS Database And Up To 18% Coupon Redemptions
    Sticking with SMS, Papa Murphy's increasingly popular "Tank 'N Bake" chain is expanding its text alert and couponing program to 550 stores. It claims 100,000 opt-ins so far.
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