• Warner Bros. Tries To Make Good On 'Veronica Mars' Download Snafus
    Kickstarter backers of the "Veronica Mars" film project were surprised to find that their digital download of the movie required use of the Flixster app to access an Ultraviolet account. To their credit, however, Warner Bros. responded immediately to download problems by agreeing to issue refunds so backers could purchase the film elsewhere.
  • Trench Warfare In The Battle For Attention: Aisle By Aisle, Seat By Seat
    United will begin providing free movies and TV shows to fliers via their iOS app next month. The sponsored program underscores how the battle for attention in any given space is now moving to personal devices.
  • Food - Porn - What Else Do You Need To Know?
    Bolthouse Farms is making waves in the health juice market with delicious creative executions that leverage a range of mobile social tools and some of the trope's user-gen content. It is a branding exercise of the most challenging sort: make it fun, irresistible, meaningful.
  • Yo, U.S. Couch Potatoes! The World Second-Screens More Than You Do
    Second-screening is even more prevalent outside the U.S. Go figure. Could it be that our programming is just so much more compelling and captivating than elsewhere? Nah!
  • 'Iron Man' Director Takes To Vine To Promote New Film
    It may be a happy accident, but director Jon Favreau's use of Vine to promote "Chef" has shown some of the ways this channel can build a unique and genuine narrative. It blends authorial and user-generated elements into a fabric that helps potential audiences identify with the project.
  • All Aspects Of Mobility Now Key Driver Of Digital Growth In Companies
    The enterprise is not only internalizing mobility at an astonishing rate. Executives are now seeing how key platforms in next-gen marketing, from AR to wearable computing, LBS to voice recognition, are relevant to their own businesses.
  • Hush! AdColony Instant-Feed Video Brings Quieter Auto-Play Into The Flow
    AdColony is expanding a beta test of in-feed autoplay video ads. The format strives to be "native" to the feed scrolling reflex now ingrained in the mobile media consumption experience. It also has an interesting solution to autoplay audio.
  • Driving With Apple: What CarPlay Looks Like
    Hey Detroit -- the smartphone wins. Apple's CarPlay underscores why seamless and familiar mobile interfaces in cars are inevitable. Even more to the point, the data -- both actively made and selected by you and passively collected about you -- will make the car all the smarter.
  • After 'Second Screening': You Know These Two Devices Really Want To Talk With Each Other
    Roku follows part of the Chromecast model with its new Streaming Stick. But these are all just transitional until personal devices talk more directly to the TV. But wait! Do personal and shared screens really jibe so easily?
  • Heineken Says: Pitch A Movie - 140 Characters Or Less - Have Fun - Go
    Brands would be a lot better off if they gave us things we liked rather than trying so hard to get us to like them. Heineken's new movie pitch contest is a little idea wrapped in too large a premise. But the end result is just people goofing around. Which is perfect.
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