• Visa Will Track Devices To Combat Credit Card Fraud
    In an interesting twist on the whole mobile payments trend, Visa announced it will begin tracking mobile devices to combat credit-card fraud -- even when the credit card isn't linked to the mobile device with a payment app.
  • Apps And TV Vie For Attention During Prime Time
    Each app category has its own rhythm of use throughout the day, but 8 p.m. is peak overall. Perhaps more important for marketers is not just when they can reach the largest crowd with their message -- but whether the user is in a position to respond to it.
  • New Services Offer Location-Based Product Alerts
    This week brought a number of new location-based mobile marketing services that will enable brands to reach consumers with product messages when shoppers are near the potential point of sale.
  • Guess How Much Time Japanese Schoolgirls Spend On Mobile Devices
    If you're looking for a laboratory to investigate the impact of new technology on human behavior, and also just sheer unapologetic weirdness, Japanese youth culture is the place to go. Bagel heads? Old news! Zentai? Spandex body suits are so last year. In the future that is now, we're all cyborgs, thanks to mobile devices! Thanks, mobile devices!
  • Mobile Super Bowl Stories: Messaging App Dominance & Two-Screen Tango
    Messaging apps were far and away the most popular category of apps used during last week's game. But a wild ebb and flow of app usage shows just how delicate the two-screen dance has become.
  • Over A Third Of People Regularly Snoop On Partners' Mobile Devices
    Roughly half (44%) of British women admitted to regularly checking their partner's mobile device in order to make sure they aren't up to anything naughty, according to a new survey by Samsung. Meanwhile, 36% of British men admit to doing the same thing.
  • Kill The Pre-Roll!: Native Video Ads Need To Reboot The Spot Mind-set
    How do you get rapid scrollers to pay attention to your in-feed video ad? Well, it better not look much like a typical TV spot or even a pre-roll. Start with asking if the spot make sense even with the sound off.
  • Most Mobile Shoppers Browsing At Home
    While mobile shopping's killer app is supposed to be "showrooming" in brick-and-mortar establishments, it turns out far more people are using their mobile devices to shop from home -- perhaps because we're just too lazy to get up and walk all the way over to the computer. That's according to a survey of over 1,600 U.S. adults who have made purchases via their mobile phones, conducted by Contact Solutions in November 2014.
  • Mobile Devices Can Affect Teen Sleep, Toddler Development
    Over the last few years smartphones and tablets have become ubiquitous, with little understanding of their effects on users' cognition and psychology. Now there is growing concern about their effect on childhood development in particular. Two studies published this week suggest mobile devices can have a harmful effect on teens and toddlers.
  • Logo-Busters: Real World Ad-Blocking
    The same augmented reality and virtual raeality tools that marketers imagine will help them reach consumers in new ways, may also be used by consumers to turn brands off -- literally.
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