• Cracking down on abuse
    This message was sent to members of the Facebook Developers group this week: Over the last few weeks we have noticed several developers misleading our users into clicking on links, adding applications and taking actions. While the majority of developers are doing the right thing and playing by the rules, a few aren't - and are [...]
  • Less time with media- not a bad thing
    I read today that people are spending less time with media than in previous years. Seriously shocking news considering how our days are increasingly filled with new gadgets, new shows, new ways to watch those new shows on our new gadgets, etc. etc. Rather than seeing apocalyptic clouds looming, I will argue this is a [...]
  • Reader Comment of the Week
    You mean "stars" may have to get by on actual talent instead of looks? How horrible would that be?! On the other hand, marketers, how DOES that [...]
  • Stars in HD
    I don't have a high-definition TV and I can tell you one is highly unlikely in the near future ($$). However, I think everyone has heard something about the hysteria growing in Hollywood about what stars look like 1080i. Thanks to a friend, I have been introduced to one of the funnier commentaries on the [...]
  • Starting conversation in 2007
    What follows are the first messages my friend sent to me on Google Talk this morning, alluding to Facebook profiles and further solidifying how our world has changed: [...]
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