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HSBC Is Top Sponsor Of 'New Yorker' Event


HSBC takes over the top sponsoring spot from Citibank of the 11th annual festival sponsored by The New Yorker magazine. There will be nine marketers supporting the 2010 version of the New Yorker Festival, which is scheduled to take place Oct. 1-3. HSBC as the top sponsor gets a "presented by" billing. Following HSBC are eight companies that get "sponsored by" billings, including American Airlines and American Honda Motor's Acura Division.

HSBC marketing activities around the sponsorship include the first-ever festival app. The app -- for the Android, iPhone and iPod Touch devices -- will be available Sept. 6 and will offer the festival program guide along with editorial content.

HSBC will also arrange for six popular food trucks to visit the sites where some of the 46 festival events are taking place. They will offer special menu items and discounts to HSBC customers. HSBC's sponsorship has also allowed the chefs to create a special menu item that celebrates each truck's culinary origin for the duration of the festival.



The bank's brand print and out-of-home ads have been featuring unusual factoids about global business such as "Only 4% of American films are made by women. In Iran, it's 25%." This and similar factoids will be featured on the napkins being passed out by the food trucks.

The international flavor of the food reflects the theme of the current HSBC advertising campaign, "The world's local bank."

"We want to bring internationally oriented culture and entertainment to the communities where we do business because it's in keeping with who we are -- the "world's local bank," said Johanna Breman Tzur, head of HSBC brand & advertising, North America, in a statement.

"The New Yorker's readers have a lot in common with HSBC customers -- a shared affinity for diverse global experiences and thought leadership. The New Yorker Festival is a great fit for us to engage with current and potential customers and the New York City community."

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