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Dan Ciccone

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I am very excited to announce my newest venture with the launch of STACKED Entertainment which will focus solely on talent management for esports and gaming personalities and content development within the space as well. As the landscape has evolved quickly over the past couple of years, so have the needs of the pro players and the need for content that goes beyond the typical player profile. We’ll be working with some of the best content developers in the space and have a great network for distribution to make sure that content gets in front of the right audience. If you are looking for an esports or gaming personality to champion your product, or you are in need of some original content to entertain this highly engaged fan base, be sure to hit me up in my new role.

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  • ESports - Time To Unionize in Marketing: Sports on 09/06/2016

    This past week, ESPN published Activision CEO Eric Hirshberg's remarks on Call of Duty's eSports efforts. He attributes much success to the pro players - "They give you the momentum of a story: a beginning, middle and end. Those narratives are what fuel an interest in sports. People love watching the best players in the world play the game they love."

  • What ESports Athletes (And LeBron James) Know About Content Marketing in Marketing: Sports on 12/01/2015

    Picture this: a superstar athlete enters the arena to thousands of screaming fans, millions more watch at home, legions following along on second screens or live-weeting the experience - high stakes, high engagement. You wouldn't be faulted for calling to mind an image of LeBron James, but you wouldn't be inaccurate in thinking of a superstar competitive gamer like Seth "Scump" Abner, either.

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  • Video Gaming May Not Work For Legacy TV, Streaming Is Another Story by Wayne Friedman (TV Watch on 01/21/2022)

    The Activision / Microsoft merger isn't necessarily about content.  There are many efficiencies each company gets through shared technologies.  Gaming engines are very complicated and take a ton of time to develop, but Microsoft has cloud services and distribution channels that are becoming increasingly more relevant for gaming. Point being - Netflix/Gaming vs. Microsft/Activision are two totally different plays.  Gaming is not a "build it and they will come" proposition.  The reality is that there are a handful of video games that drive the market and mobile is not only a different beast, but it's much more of a churn and burn with content.  Mobile and console should not be conflated.

  • Comscore Adds Voter Data To Digital Media Targeting, Can Segment 'Behaviorally' by Joe Mandese (Marketing Politics Weekly on 01/13/2022)

    Name, address, party affiliation is public. "How" we vote is supposed to be secret/private. What kind of "modeling" does Comscore use to figure out how people are leaning on a subject or do they just fall back on "proprietary algorithms" like every other data company without disclosing how they come across this info? According to C/net, 41% of US adults use adblockers as well, so how reliable is this information and how is it actually evaluated and checked?

  • The Great App Advertising Exodus -- Or Not by Joe Mandese (Mobile Insider on 12/23/2021)

    App developers are abandoning ad-reliant apps because most app developers don't have an internal team to hustle ad deals and the network deals are pennies on the dollar - so unless your app gets millions of downloads and a sustainable audience, the ad model doesn't work.Following the model of some of the most popular multiplayer video games, app developers are offering their apps for free, and for those who get hooked, then it's time to charge for additional content, levels, avatars, skins, weaponry, etc. The typical mobile game has a lifespan of about 3 months if it's lucky.  Most people delete the app within a few days.  So relying on ads doesn't make sense and the ROI is nominal if they rely on ads.

  • Trump's $1B Attack On Truth by Steven Rosenbaum (Media Insider on 12/13/2021)

    Well said, Ed.  You and I have been reading MP for many years and there has never been a time where so much MP content is dedicated to politics. While MP does offer some informative and objective reporting on our industry, it is obvious that there is an elevated political agenda that is weeding its way through editorial and reporting alike.  It's too bad.

  • Trump's $1B Attack On Truth by Steven Rosenbaum (Media Insider on 12/13/2021)

    "Truth is complicated, it's nuanced, and when it comes to the blurry line between news and opinion..."   I had to read that three times to make sure I was reading in context.  Truth is comlicated?  There are blurry lines between news and opinion?While I wholeheartedly disagree, that is why journalism is supposed to focus on facts and opinion is to be relegated to the OP-ed page or pundit shows. The fact that MediaPost is totally consumed with Trump's behavior, even post-election, and completely ignores flat-out falsehoods reported by CNN, NYT, MSNBC, etc. just illustrates that MediaPost has lost all objectivity as well.  There has been no other time in MediaPost's history where so much editorial has been dedicated to politics - and with an uneven hand at that. Please get back to reporting facts (aka "truth") and give the American public and your readers some credit. 

  • CNN Suspends Prime-Time Host Chris Cuomo 'Indefinitely' by Wayne Friedman (Television News Daily on 12/01/2021)

    "Projections from show “Cuomo Prime Time” pulled in $30.6 million in national TV advertising, resulting in 8.5 billion impressions, from November 29, 2020 to November 29, 2021."How much of that was actual demand for Cuomo's show vs. scatter or RON?

  • The Most Ethical Column I Will Ever Write by Joe Mandese (RTBlog on 11/22/2021)

    "The process made me wonder why there is no professional certification program for journalists -- either business or consumer ones -- especially now, at a time when so much questionable reporting, and reporting practices, seems to be taking place."Just until a short time ago, there was a universally recognized code to report the facts which has somehow disappeared with no punity for those who don't follow the rule.  Just a few short years ago, journalists would get fired for misrepresenting facts or omitting facts.  Think of Dan Rather and Brian Williams - it's hard to imagine either of those people would get fired today. Congrats on the certification - it will be interesting to see if your reporting is influenced at all in how you report on the inudstry.

  • Cleveland Guardians Snafu: Why Even Big Brands Need to Think Digital First by Katie Tweedy (Marketing Insider on 11/12/2021)

    MLB put out a statment reinforcing the new name was primarily driven by the fans - "Our fans are at the heart of this decision. We heard this name often from our fans as a top contender because of it's connection to the iconic Cleveland landmark - The Hope Memorial Bridge that stands just outside of our ballpark where the Guardians of Traffic have become a symbol of the city's resiliency."- 140 hours of interviews with fans, community leaders and front office personnel- More than 40,000 fans surveyed- 4,000 fans sign up to participate in research via team name websiteSeveral MLB teams do not use the team name on social media handles (they were already taken) and I don't think anyone in the new front office for the Cleveland baseball team is worried about confusing fans between a baseball team and a roller derby team. Coming up with a unique web domain and/or social handle that isn't already in use is almost impossible.  Limiting the team name to what is available on social channels isn't an option for most brands.

  • Kenosha's Deep Fake Problem by Steven Rosenbaum (Media Insider on 11/15/2021)

    If you read the full transcript, the judge actually admitted his lack of knowledge and asked for an additional expert to review the video with the understanding that the video was not being edited in any way.  Stating "the judge's willingness to keep even basic video zoom technology out of evidence" is a misrepresentation of the entire context of how this unfolded and is just false. The judge asked for additional expertise while admitting his lack of knowledge.  He did this as an abundance of caution. A man's life is hanging in the balance, so the judge should be applauded for asking for clarification and additional expertise to review evidence.

  • Peace on Veterans Day by Will Walton (MAD on 11/10/2021)

    Nice piece, Will - thanks for sharing.

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