Marketing Politics Daily Editions for February 2017
Marketing Politics Daily - Monday, Feb. 27, 2017
Major Outlets Blocked From Friday's White House Briefing, What Does It Foreshadow?
Tegna Grabs Higher Political/Retrans Revs, Stock Climbs
Trump Bypasses White House Correspondent's Dinner
The Low-Budget Engine Behind The Trump Boycott
Former Labor Secretary Tom Perez Elected DNC Chairman
President Trump To Request $54 Billion Increase In Defense Spending
And The Whiner Is....
Mobile User Wants Appellate Court To Revive Robo-Texting Fight With Facebook
More Brands Drop Breitbart
FCC To Scrap Obama Privacy Rules
NYC Warns Pols On Official Accounts
Gary Johnson's 'No More Kumbaya' Email Wins Creative Award
'NYT' Launches 'Truth' Campaign, Will Air In Oscars
UK Government To Tell Social Media Giants To Curb Trolls
Trump Threatens To 'Do Something' About The Media, Bars Major Outlets From Press Briefing
Rural America - Not Your Average Consumers
Marketing Politics Daily - Friday, Feb. 24, 2017
Bannon Promises To Deconstruct The Administrative State
Cover Story: Eustace Vladimirovich Tilley
President Trump Urges FBI To Find Leakers Via Twitter
Homeland Security Funds 5 IoT Startups
Alt-Right Leader Expelled From CPAC
Tech Titans Slight Trump For Transgender Snub
Quantifying The Trump Effect: Q&A With Cambridge Analytica's Oczkowski
E.W. Scripps Reports Big Q4 Political TV Ad Gains
Friday Special: Satellite Video Of Entire Mexican Border
GSD&M: 'I Pee with LGBT' (And You Can Too)
Amazon Fights Police Demand For Echo Data
2016 Brought Big Increase In Hate Speech On Social Media
TV-Print Boost Marketing To Combat Trump Lies
FCC Chips Away At Net Neutrality, Exempts 'Small' ISPs From Disclosure Rules
The Erosion Of Trust And What It Means For Brands
Millennials And The Age Of Distrust
Marketing Politics Daily - Thursday, Feb. 23, 2017
'The Washington Post' Gets Dramatic With Fiery Slogan
Judge Blocks California Online Censorship Law
Republican Senator Thinks Committee Could Subpoena Trump Tax Returns
Russian Foreign Ministry Wades Into Debunking Fake News
'Gag Clauses' Illegal, FTC Reminds Marketers
6 White House Staffers Resign, Fail Background Checks
A Critical Moment For Hispanic Advertising
MPs Say Media Should Have A Year To Comply With Section 40
Diversity Tweaks Paid Search
New 'Texas Monthly' Editor Adds Lifestyle Content
Marketing Politics Daily - Wednesday, Feb. 22, 2017
VP Pence Soothes European Concerns, White House Messaging Still Uncoordinated
Political Ads Propel Sinclair Q4 Revs
Facebook Donates $62,500 In Cash To CPAC
Will Trump Push Ad Boycotts Of 'Fake News'?
President Trump Addresses Rise In Anti-Semitic Attacks
Faced With Attacks, TV News Networks Defend Each Other
Supreme Court Urged To Stay Out Of Copyright Battle Over 'Golden Oldies'
Texas Planned Parenthood Cuts Blocked By Federal Judge
Silicon Valley Bashes DHS Proposal To Require Social Media Log-Ins
Who Will Publish Milo's Book Now?
Editorial Content Is More Memorable Than Social News Feed Content
Team Trump Sent Media Survey to Email List: NPR
FTC Investigates Location Tracking By Car Financing Outfit
Marketing Politics Daily - Tuesday, Feb. 21, 2017
The New York Press Club Pens Open Letter To President Trump
Fake News? Maybe Trump's A Fake President
President Trump Selects Lieutenant General McMaster As National Security Adviser
Publisher Drops Yiannopoulous Book Over Underage Sex Remarks
Breitbart Editor Milo Yiannopoulos Disinvited From CPAC, Book Deal Cancelled
Trump Wants To Check Chinese Travelers' Social Media
The Truth About Brexit, The Economy And Confidence Social Media 'Luvvies' Can't Bear To Hear
Is Facebook Strangling News Business?
Economy Overtakes Terrorism And Immigration As Top Concern For Brits
Breitbart Loses Ad Deals With More Than 1,000 Companies
FTC Files Privacy Concern Over High Tech Doll
Marketing Politics Daily - Monday, Feb. 20, 2017
Dubke Expected To Land White House Communications Director Post
PBS Gains Support From Democrats, Republicans
President Trump's First Pick To Fill Flynn's Role Turns It Down
BuzzFeed News Adds 'Outside Your Bubble' Feature
Notes From The Front
Trump 'Poll' Is Lesson In Getting Bias Results
The Zuckerberg Blog Post: First Draft
Labor, Cabinets, And Pieces Of Meat
Newspaper Threatens Libel Suit Over 'Fake News' Insult
Social Media Isn't Evil, Argues Zuck
Can Zuckerberg Shape Humanity?
Wrong! Marketing A Theatrical Movie The Fake News Way
Marketing Politics Daily - Friday, Feb. 17, 2017
Trump's Press Conference Ups The Lies, Hostility
White House Denies Report That National Guard Mobilization Considered For Immigration Roundups
CNN Prez Dismisses Trump 'Ban,' Says CNN Is Doing Fine
McConnell Pleads With Trump To Stay On Message
This Article Is NOT About Trump
Ivanka Line Struggling As More Stores Dump Merchandise
FCC Wants To Clean Up TV
Mail Online Sets New Traffic Record In Trump's Inauguration Month
Libraries, Law Professors Back ReDigi In Fight Over 'Used' Music
Marketing Politics Daily - Thursday, Feb. 16, 2017
Despite Trump's Scoldings, Newspapers See Strong Results
Cover Story: Nothing To See Here
President Trump: Leakers Will Be Caught
The Trump Bump: H&R Block
Alexander Acosta Tapped As New Nominee For Labor Secretary
Republicans Seek Probe Of EPA's Encrypted Messaging
'WaPo' Report Helped Get Flynn Fired
'Has America Lost Its Courage?' Asks Hiscox
Clinton Campaign Staff Tested With Fake Phishing
Apple Will Pass On Tax Savings To Shareholders, Not To Build US Factories
Will Politics Trump The 2017 Oscars? What Does That Mean For Brands?
California Lawmaker Pushes For Health Warning Label On Soda
GOP Senator Preps Resolution To Revoke Broadband Privacy Rules
See You Again Soon, Embattled PewDiePie Tweets
Email Marketing Messages With A Message
Bubble Trouble
Marketing Politics Daily - Wednesday, Feb. 15, 2017
'A Class-Five Political Hurricane': Flynn, Trump, Russia
Trump's Tweets Spawn New Marketing Practice
Poll: Plurality Of Americans Agree With Court's Decision To Halt Trump Travel Ban
Trump Admin Supplies High TV Drama
Pressure On Congress To Deliver On Russia Inquiry
Rise Of Fake News, Decline Of Social Media?
Has Meryl Streep Killed The Oscars?
Trump's Travel Ban Causes Large Drop In U.S. Tourism
Meet The Woman Behind The Trump Retail Boycott
Wegmans Faces Boycott Over Carrying Trump Wines
Retailers Face Trump-Related Turmoil
Google Pulls Ad Sense Plug On Two Anti-Semitic Sites
Marketing Politics Daily - Tuesday, Feb. 14, 2017
Foreign Reporters Get Tough With President Trump
The Trump Bump: Dominos
Top Trump National Security Adviser Michael Flynn Resigns Over Russia Ties
Ad Hoc 'Trust' Group Wants To Be Neutral Ground, Will Use UN As Its Venue
Steven Mnuchin Confirmed By U.S. Senate As Treasury Secretary
Sears, Kmart Drop Trump Home Items
Trump's Security Talk With Abe Documented On Facebook
NEW! Nike Launches #Equality To Encourage Respect On And Off The Field
Macy's Outranks Nordstrom Web Traffic To Ivanka Trump Brand Pages
Maybe Facebook And News Don't Mesh
Where's Is The PSA For Truthful News?
Ajit Pai Clams Up On Net Neutrality Repeal Strategy
Senators Criticize Yahoo For Failing To Provide Data Breach Details
Blackburn Aims To Revoke Broadband Privacy Rules
Sonos Raises UK Prices 25% Due To Brexit
Surprise Headline Of The Year: Colbert's Beating Fallon
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