MediaPost Weekend Editions for May 2015
MediaPost Weekend - Sunday, May 31, 2015
Second Thoughts On Viewability: The Viewer's
Cereal Giant General Mills Puts $800 Million Media Assignment In Review
Time Inc. Rolls Out 'Paid Content,' First To Make Transition From Totally Free
Programmatic TV Budgets To Rise From 4% To 17% By 2019
JWT Digital Network Mirum Expands
People More Suspicious, More Informed About Corporate Social Responsibility
Once More Into The Brief, Don Draper
Global Pay TV Forecasts Drop In North America, But Digital Cable Grows
Rentrak Promotes Rubik, Analytics Platform For Advertisers
Consumers Feeling a Bit Better Globally But The Buts Abound
Omnicom Shareholders Vote To Change Board Leadership Structure
Marked Increase In Connected-TV Internet Homes
Sports Marketing, FIFA Execs Face Corruption Charges
Charter Buys Time Warner Cable, Consolidates Its Cable Power
Israeli Startup Develops Foolproof Ad Addressability, Uses Your Actual Address
Carpet Bombing: When Trademarks Do Harm
Just In Time For The Holiday: J&J, Sony, VW Launch Media Reviews
MediaPost Weekend - Sunday, May 24, 2015
Just In Time For The Holiday: J&J, Sony, VW Launch Media Reviews
National TV Ad Dollars Dip, Digital Rises
Can McDonald's Really Be This Dumb?
Ad Injection Could Be The New Ad Fraud
'USA Today' May Scrap Daily Print Edition
Letterman's Long Good-bye: In Final Show, Dave Did It His Way
Mozilla To Let Advertisers Target Firefox Users Based On Browsing History
Most People Doubt Web Companies Will Keep Data Private
For New Marketing MBAs, Tech And Entrepreneurship Top Wish List
Twitter, Google Strike Deal That Drives Leads, Reads
Episode 714: East Of Esalen: From Ka-Ching To The I-Ching, And Back
21st Century Fox Kicks Off $1 Billion-Plus Global Media Review
BMW Puts Its $150 Million-Plus U.S. Media Assignment Into Review
NAI Issues Privacy Guidelines For Digital Fingerprinting, Other Non-Cookie Ad Technology
Mad Men, 2065
It's Not TV, It's VAB: Trade Bureau Drops Cable, Television Too
'Mad Men' Finale: For Don Draper, There's No Place Like 'Om'
Google Reportedly Rolling Out Buy Button
Mobile Advertising Growth Steadies
Digital Disruption? Just Getting Started, And Going Horizontal
MediaPost Weekend - Sunday, May 17, 2015
P&G Launches North America Media Agency Review
PHD Wins $600 Million SC Johnson Buying Assignment
Google Reportedly Rolling Out Buy Button
Amazon Releases Advertising Platform For Mobile Apps
RAB Cancels Quarterly Revenue Reports
Now It's The NFL's Brand That's Deflated
MDC Partners' CFO: SEC Inquiry Just A 'Short Term Blip'
Episode 713: 'You Knew We'd Catch Up With You Eventually'
Verizon's Takeover Of AOL Raises 'Urgent Privacy Concerns,' Advocacy Group Says
Industry Reacts To Verizon's $4.4 Billion AOL Purchase
The Mother of All Disruption
AOL + Verizon = Scale Of Google, Facebook
My Binge-Clicking Experiment Reveals The Web Is Too Targeted
Digital Disruption? Just Getting Started, And Going Horizontal
Fraud Ad List Unveiled At IAB
FCC Refuses To Stay Net Neutrality Rules
Google Expands Ad Industry Dominance, Facebook Catching Up
Freedom Isn't Free
Nadal's Compensation Will Be A Little Less 'Gross' If MDC Changes Hands
Google Deems 54% Of Video Ads Viewable, Notes US Trails Other Countries
MediaPost Weekend - Sunday, May 10, 2015
Redemption: How A Coupon Processor Became The Most Powerful Player In Marketing
Nadal's Compensation Will Be A Little Less 'Gross' If MDC Changes Hands
Red, White And Down All Over: Newspaper Revenues Drop
Google Deems 54% Of Video Ads Viewable, Notes US Trails Other Countries
Why Doing Away With Upfronts Would Be A PR Disaster
Snapchat To Sell Ads, Targets Millennials
Real-Time Audience Targeting, Coming Soon To A Theater Near You
National TV Ad Forecast Gains Momentum
Why Do We Still 'Listen' To Social Media?
Ad Industry To Start Enforcing Mobile Privacy Rules In September
Google Names Ad Networks Responsible For Ad Injectors
Time To Think About Regulation For Disruption
CVS Puts $85 Million Media Account In Review
CMOs Served Notice - If They Don't Drive Digital Transformation, CIOs And CTOs Will
FCC Chairman Favors More Rights For Online Video Distributors
Episode 712 -- Ground Control To Major Don: Once More Into The Abyss
Google Mobile Searches Surpass Desktop
Citi Launches Global Media Review
Viewability Crowd: Meet The 'Loaded Ad'
Nielsen Announces Top Dogs In CPG Innovation
MRC Weighs In On Mobile 'Viewability,' Adds 'Loaded Ad' Criterion
'Traditional' Upfront Season Gives Way To Anything-Goes 'Content' Bazaar
NBC TV Revs Drop, Films And Theme Parks Rise
Mind The Gap: Agencies Are From Venus, Clients Are From Mars
Lawmakers Struggle With Data Breach Proposals
MediaPost Weekend - Sunday, May 3, 2015
Lawmakers Struggle With Data Breach Proposals
Google Lets Developers Pull Voice Search Into Apps
What David Letterman Means To Me
Media Agencies Aren't Going Away -- But Being 'Agents' Might
AT&T Says Wireless Customers Should Have Predicted Throttling Program
NBC's Brian Williams Mess Gets Even Messier
Sorrell is WPP's $66 Million Man - And That's Just His Pay For 2014
Will All TV Median Ages Soon Be Over 50?
Investigations Looking At MDC Partners' Potential Financial Wrongdoing Multiply
Brands Plan For More Programmatic Spend, But Agency Trust Issues Still Lurk
Nielsen Issues Gag Order, Warns Clients Not To Disclose 'Impact'
Episode 711: Perverse Bloodlines, Raised Hairlines, & Reverse Story Lines
TV Doldrums: Key Adult Audiences Drop In C3 Research
MDC Partners Stock Plunges After SEC Investigation Disclosure
ComScore, CIMM Unveil Cross-Measurement Results
ESPN Sues Verizon For Letting Customers Reconfigure TV Packages
ANA Advises Advertisers To Make 'Measurably Viewable' New Digital Ad Currency Standard
Death By Magic Beans
ANA, 4A's Unveil 'Transparency' Task Force: Will Take 'Decisive Action' To Address Concerns
Everyone On Earth Launches Apple Watch Apps