• American Express Has A Deal Just For Me in Behaviorally Targeted App
    Amex brings the local daily deal model in-house with a revision to its iPhone app. The pilot program filters merchant offers nearby according to your own buying habits.
  • Dictionary.com Using Apps To Redefine Itself As Education Media
    Sometimes having a go-to URL like Dictionary.com can be a challenge. But the app platforms and mobile use cases give media companies the chance to reboot, rethink and reposition their mission.
  • SMS Is Still King, But Is Facebook A Threat To Messaging?
    As social platforms -- Facebook in particular -- become more powerful, how will this affect the bedrock peer-to-peer messaging model of SMS? The fact that researchers even argue the point after years of SMS ubiquity is significant.
  • Facebook Admits Mobile Is The Elephant In The Pitch Room...Wearing a Hoodie
    As its IPO approaches, Facebook incrementally comes clean (well, cleaner) on how the absence of a mobile monetization strategy is affecting key metrics. Too many users now are not able to see ads, and they have no immediate solution.
  • Survey: 12% Of Moms Use Mobile Phone During Sex, But Shopping Still Rules
    Apparently, for some American moms, no place or moment in life is too sacred to leave the cell phone behind -- some even during sex. But the big takeaway from the Meredith study is that American moms regard their phones now as a shopping tool.
  • Milk, Eggs, Bread: Mobile Food Shoppers Still Need It Simple
    While shopping apps are tossing brands and bargains at you left and right, most people make the most trips to the grocery store in search of staples where brand choice is irrelevant. These apps somehow need to keep the process as simple as a shopping list and still weave brand partners into the experience.
  • Polaroid to Instagram: Hey, That's Our Retro Vibe You Got There, Buddy!
    About a year after Instagram made the fading instant snapshot look cool again, the real source of many of those images -- Polaroid -- finally claims some retro mojo of its own in a new iPhone app.
  • TV By The Byte: Monty Python Repackages Sketches For iPhone
    A new app from Monty Python and Heuristic Media parses the comedy troupe's TV series into mobile-friendly moments. The project suggests the ways in which TV programmers can re-imagine their content by blending DVD extras with app economics.
  • For SMBs, The Mobile Spirit Is Willing, But...
    The overwhelming majority of small and medium-sized businesses are already convinced that a mobile strategy is essential to their future growth. Only 14% actually have a mobile-optimized site right now. Talk about an opportunity.
  • M-Payment Disruption Is Coming...Once It Grows An M-Brain
    In a new infographic/report that is unusually informative and clarifying on the m-payment topic, SapientNitro lays out four possible trajectories that m-payments might take. But man, do the number of players vying for a piece of this action become daunting.
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