• Siri Meets Max Headroom Meets Carson: Winston Narrates Your World
    Winston uses semantic analysis, multimedia, social media and voice synthesis to create a wholly different media consumption experience. 'Hal, check my Twitter feed.'
  • Next Up, iSkin; Apple Wants To Get Hyper-Personal
    The new and revised Apple patent points toward a future where skin and motion sensors give back enormously powerful (perhaps empowering) data that could improve lives (and give marketers something to sponsor).
  • Showrooming Is Benefiting The Retailer
    According to a new ForeSee study of mobile shoppers last holiday, most people people using their phones in-store were going to that retailer's mobile site for more information.
  • Up To 10% Of Subscribers May Be Watching Netflix's Screen-Agnostic 'House Of Cards'
    Binge viewing of TV series across countless personal screens may be the next distribution model. According to one estimate, 1% of Netflix members have already finished 'House of Cards.'
  • Apple, Samsung Wants Your Cool Kids
    Ever more competitors are smelling Apple's brand weakness and taking direct aim at it in advertising. But cool is not a zero sum game. Apple's lost shine does not pass hipness to the next guy.
  • Heineken Apps Target Customers' Sense Of Adventure
    The imported beer brand maintains an ambitious schedule of branded apps, often targeting specific events. According to Heineken, apps that allow creative self-expression touch a passion point in their customer.
  • Lipton Rides Instagram's Positive Mood
    Mobile media forces advertisers to think beyond targeting media and instead target user moods. Lipton's new Instagram photo contest seems to understand and tap into the deeper desires that visual social nets engage in us.
  • 'Iron Man 3' Grabs Moviegoer Interest With Cliffhanger Super Bowl Ad
    Who won the movie advertiser sweepstakes during Sunday's Super Bowl? Fandango users overwhelmingly responded best to the simplest melodramatic device. No fancy app needed.
  • Can The Second Screen Save Us From The New Tedium Of Super Bowl Ads?
    The Super Bowl ad ritual has grown stale and so self-conscious that I wonder whether any brand really connects with a consumer this way. Perhaps the second screen can help make the creative fun again.
  • Tablets To Rival Desktop For Video Viewing: Welcome To Personal TV
    According to TDG, the tablet explosion will have a major effect on TV viewing in coming years as the amount of video viewed on these devices starts rivaling the desktop. Now TV gets truly portable and personal.
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