• The Art Of The Catch Up: Maybe We Don't Really Want Relentless, Ubiquitous Media
    Major news media, from "The Economist" to "Atlantic," "The Week" to Yahoo, are struggling with what forms news should take in a mobilized, always-there world. They are crafting curated products so that many of us don't "fear" missing out and don't want our media always to be on.
  • More Research Shows Mobile Looms Large In Holiday Shopping
    This week brought more research suggesting that mobile will play a bigger role than ever in online holiday shopping this year, rivaling desktop as the source of most visits and browsing on e-commerce sites. The most recent study, conducted by customer relations specialists CFI Group on behalf of eBay Enterprise, surveyed 1,000 U.S. consumers about their previous usage, current mobile behaviors, and plans for next year.
  • Mobile, Desktop Search Results Often Vary
    With many mobile device owners using search as a substitute for Web navigation, mobile search activity is booming, according to figures from Google which show that the volume of mobile search queries increased fivefold in just the last two years. The transition from desktop to mobile search is also driving a major shift in search results -- and that in turn is having a major impact on search marketers, according to a new report from Searchmetrics.
  • The 'No-Phone' In-The-Moment Movement Begins
    From selfies to obsessively recording every live event, creating personal records of moments often competes with our experiencing the moment itself. No, wait. Technology has an answer for that, too.
  • Mobile Internet Will Reach Half The World's Population By 2020
    With manufacturers and telecoms marketing a new generation of cheap smartphones and tablets, the number of people using mobile devices to access the Internet is set to soar from 2.2 billion today to 3.8 billion by 2020, according to a new forecast from GSMA Intelligence. That represents an increase from around 30% of the world population today to around 50% six years from now -- making it one of the most rapid and widespread technological shifts in history. Almost all the new adoption will come in the developing world, GSMA predicts.
  • Note To Media: Mobile Users Want To Talk With One Another, Or Even Use a Flashlight, More Than They Want To Hear From You
    Judging from a newly released leaderboard of most used apps, mobile is clearly more of a communications platform than a media platform. On Android, a popular flashlight app has more MAUs than any major media company.
  • Half Of Online Browsing, Quarter Of Sales Over Thanksgiving Will Be Mobile
    According to IBM, for the first time ever this year, mobile devices will account for more than half of all visits to e-commerce sites during the Thanksgiving holiday season, beginning Thanksgiving Day and extending through "Cyber Monday." That's up from 39.7% last year. Overall, IBM expects total online sales to increase 15% this year.
  • Mobile Payment Services Proliferate
    Financial institutions and retailers are hurrying to align themselves with Apple Pay, the technology giant's new mobile payment service -- but it also faces plenty of competition from rival services that are hoping to leverage backing by major retailers (read Walmart) or their existing relationships with banks and credit card suppliers.
  • App Happy: Mobile Is 'Personal', But Do We Really Know What That Means Yet?
    Apps are fun. Or at least they better be if they expect users to remember they are there in those moments when we take to our devices. Marketers and media who overlook the joy and treat factor around app use are missing the point.
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