• Mobile Apps Better Than Social Media for Customer Service
    Customer service via social media seems to be the kind of thing companies looking to be hip with the kids want to develop, but in my experience (and according to a recent survey conducted by NICE and BCG) it just doesn't work all that well. The wait times are too long (33% of respondents agree) and it's hard to accomplish complex tasks (30% of respondents). The study found that while the percentage of people using social media for their customer service needs has decreased since 2013, more people are using apps for that purpose.
  • Millennials Embracing Mobile Ad-Blocking
    Millennials make marketers' world go 'round, so they might find some new ad-blocking data rather upsetting. About one in five currently employ an ad blocker on their smartphones, while an additional 16% say they "want to," but don't think they can use one on their current device. That's according to a new study of 500 U.S. adults commissioned by location-based mobile platform Retale.
  • GoPro Rethinks Mobile Strategy
    Something had to give after GoPro's crappy fourth quarter and sinking stock price. Not surprisingly, that something is the action camera company's mobile strategy. To keep up with increasingly sophisticated smartphones, GoPro just plopped down $105 million for Stupeflix and Vemory: makers of two video-editing apps that let people cut and publish footage directly from their phones. It's about time. Cool as its cameras are, GoPro never made it easy to transfer, edit, and share video footage from its blocky gadgets.
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