• Now You Can Measure Your Ads On Facebook (Again)
    As you're probably well aware, attribution is the subtext of almost every conversation you have with mobile marketers when you talk about ads. And sometimes even when you don't ("How's it going?" "Who said that?"). The bottom line is, everyone wants to know what works and why.
  • Why Instagram Is Right To Shove Its Algorithm Down Users' Throats
    Misguided though they are, plenty of Instagram users are pissed about the company's plans to begin arranging posts by algorithmic order.
  • The Great (And Pointless) App-Versus-Mobile-Web Debate
    To which channel does the future belong: mobile apps or the mobile Web? It's the great debate of our age -- and, well, a complete waste of time.
  • Twitter's Public Utility Shines
    Twitter's value to individual users has always been highly subjective. (Hey, not everyone likes drinking from an open fire hydrant.) Yet, its value to anyone who can make use -- and make sense -- of its furious data stream has never been in doubt. Proving that fact once again, some Australian researchers have determined that Twitter analysis was better than FEMA's own models at predicting the location and severity of damage from Superstorm Sandy in 2012.
  • Mobile Gaming Keeps Growing
    Glance over at the person next to you on his phone. Chances are he's playing Clash of Clans, Candy Crush, or some other silly game. We can't get enough of our little games, can we? As such, the mobile gaming audience continues to grow steadily, even though mobile gaming is already a ubiquitous pastime.
  • Square Outperforms Earnings Projections
    Bully for Square, which has released its first earnings report as a public company, and done better than analysts were expecting. The mobile payments company, also known as Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey's other full-time CEO gig, announced that it had exceeded analyst estimates with $374 million in revenues in Q4 of 2015.
  • Why Facebook Just Bought A Silly Selfie App
    Of course, Facebook just bought Masquerade. As Snapchat continues to capture the time and imaginations of young users, Facebook had to do something to compete. Like Snapchat, Masquerade is a simple mobile app that allows for playful augmentations to selfies and video content.
  • Thanks To Mobile, Digital Making Molehill Of TV Dollars
    Next year, digital ad spend will finally surpass TV's, according to a fresh forecast from eMarketer. That's remarkable. Ever more remarkable is the driving force behind the big shift: mobile. In fact, mobile continues to drive growth within overall digital ad spending, the research firm says.
  • Facebook Spreads The Instant Articles Love
    Faster load times are to the mobile age what faster broadband was to desktop computing: everything. That, quite simply, is why Facebook needs Instant Articles to succeed. To make sure that happens, the social giant is testing a new plug-in for WordPress publishers.
  • Has Snapchat's Popularity Peaked?
    Are investors starting to see Snapchat more as a fad than a startup with the chops to evolve and grow over time? Well, the social darling did just raise another $175 million at a valuation of $16 billion -- unchanged since its last capital infusion last May. Sure, market conditions and other factors can impact these valuations, but the latest one most likely signals declining confidence in the company's outlook.
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