• An Online Private Web Service? Really?
    A while back I read about a web service called "Penzu" which essentially acts as an online private diary. According to Mashable, it's like blogging, but sometimes "you just want to record your thoughts and keep them private." The article then closes with "If you want to keep a record of your thoughts, [...]
  • Your Digital Fingerprints
    Last week, I stumbled across an article from Wired entitled "Vanish: Finding Evan Ratcliff." This article described in detail the attempt of one of the Wired authors to completely shed his old identity and create a new one for 30 days. It was part of a contest the magazine was putting on. The person who [...]
  • Make a Pilgrimage, Gain Perspective
    I had lost sight of it, plain and simple. What's made worse is that the world has lost sight of it too, which is why people across the globe say newspapers are dying. I went to a convention in Washington, D.C. recently and paid homage to the main sights of the National Mall but was mostly [...]
  • Response to Facebook/MySpace Comments
    After I wrote the blog on MySpace verses Facebook, I noticed that there were a few comments and questions for me to which I would like to respond. Do I think that MySpace is more applicable for the music industry? I do think that MySpace is leaning more towards the music industry rather than social [...]
  • Digital Revolution: Making us More or Less Connected?
    I'm slowly realizing I'm becoming an adult. I called the cops on a loud party, I think that's a sure sign that the crazy shenanigans of the undergraduate years are done. That said, while I was cursing the partiers for bolting inside once the police came, I was somewhat wishing I could be one of them; [...]
  • Internet TV vs. Live TV
    I typically don't have much time to watch television, so I only have a few shows that I'll watch, but to those I watch, I am very loyal: American Idol, The Bachelor (yes, I know it rarely works out, but it's my guilty pleasure), and, even though it's technically not a show, the World [...]
  • Identity Crisis
    I'm a journalist. I'm an educator. I'm a PC. In a day an age when what type of computer you use defines who you are, a recent identity switch has left me wondering who I am and where I fit into this crazy little thing called life. Yes, I might be a PC but I once was a [...]
  • Dynamic Presenters
    Have you seen this service? It's pretty neat; a dynamic, graphically rich presentation tool. However, this isn't your average PowerPoint emulator. It doesn't use slides at all; instead, the entire presentation is always displayed, and the user determines where the audience's focus is through zooming and panning. It's some pretty interesting [...]
  • Facebook Soars, MySpace Shrinks
    After reading an article with the statistics backing Facebook's popularity, I found myself not at all surprised. When Facebook began, it was restricted to college students only - sort of a rite of passage. From my experience, I remember getting my Facebook page was much more exciting than when I got my MySpace [...]
  • Technology in the Classroom
    Last week in one of my education classes, we discussed the importance of technology in our personal lives and in the classroom. As a class, we agreed that, on a scale of 1 to 10, our need for technology is a 10. We use it for communication, entertainment, research, etc. It's hard [...]
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