Search & Performance Marketing Daily Editions for February 2015
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Friday, Feb. 27, 2015
The Science Of 'Do It With Me'
PureClick Touts MRC Paid-Click Accreditation, Technology Identifies Bad Publishers
Google Pays $25 Million For .App Web Domain
Tweets Up Movies' Opening Revs
Inability To Skip Commercials Frustrates VOD Owners
Twitter Adds More Safety Features To Fight Abusive Content
Digital Engagement Index
Google Backs Off Porn Ban On Blogger
FTC Says Company Deceived Consumers With Ads Touting Good Reviews
Google Bakes "Mobile-Friendliness" Into Search Rankings
comScore Ranks U.S. Media Properties For January 2015
YouTubers Helbig, Hart To Remake '70 Super Heroes Series
IoT, Mobile & Connected Shoppers: Views from MIT
Google+ Some: A Divide + Conquer Strategy
Content-Marketing Savvy On View In 'Bitter Southerner'
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Thursday, Feb. 26, 2015
Apparel Capitalizing On Ecommerce, Onsite Search Trends
Lead-Gen Platform From LazBro, Opt-Intelligence Aimed At IBM Silverpop Clients
Google Glass And Market Research: A Cautionary Tale
Google Brings Native Search Ads To Google PlayStore
What Viewability Means For Publishers Today
New Car Buyers Getting Low Mileage Out of Social, Mobile
The Next Big Innovation In Marketing Is Already On Your Team
Software From ThePlatform Aims At Ad Blockers
How Advertisers Can Lead the Fight Against Digital Piracy
Patent Vending: Collective Eyes Licensing
Hank Green's History of YouTube Filled With Insight, A Little Vinegar
Google To Unite Its European Operations
Google AI Teaches Itself Atari Skills
YouTube Remains Unprofitable
Company Launched to Create Retail Commerce Apps
BuzzFeed Launches Cute Or Not, Tinder-like for Cats and Dogs
New Anti-Drug Campaign Uses Gesture Recognition Technology And A Facebook Game
Digital Engagement Index
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Wednesday, Feb. 25, 2015
Google AdWords Converts Flash-Built Advertisements To HTML5
Google Acquires Toro, A Facebook App Marketing Startup
Native Ads: Clear Rules of Engagement Will Help Marketers And Publisher Alike
All Bots Aren't Created Equal: Battling The Good, The Bad And The Ugly
Relevant, Original Content Brings Authority To Lesser-Known Sites
Google Wallet Wins; Softcard Bails from Mobile Payments
Digital Advertising Alliance Launches Opt-Out App
LinkedIn Joins Ad Network Race
Monster Brings Job Ads To Twitter
Web Growth Dips, Facebook Keeps Pushing Internet Expansion
Social And Digital Brands Top Buzz Rankings In New Report
Surprise! Didn't Think The Landing Page Rates?
ITN Taps Nielsen Catalina Data For Ad Sales
Bing Ads Offer What Google Doesn't
Children's Lawyers Seek To Revive Privacy Case Against Google, Viacom
Google Mulling New Mountain View Headquarters
Digital Engagement Index
Google Testing Live Chat Within Business Search Results
75% of Marketers Failed to Fully Implement DMARC
Microsoft Removing Google, Facebook Chat From Outlook
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Tuesday, Feb. 24, 2015
YP Taps SEM Experts To Rebuild Its Search Platform Focusing On Local
Google Provides A Delete Button For Domains
Could Google's Call-Only Ads Increase Search, Operating Brand Budgets?
engage:BDR, Neustar Extend Offline Data To Online Ad Targeting
Too Many Cooks In The Data Kitchen, Says Marketing Study
42% Of Millennials Think Private-Label Foods Are More Innovative
Havas Acquires mCommerce Specialist Plastic Mobile
Facebook Biz Strategy Hits 2M Advertisers
Little Time And Limited Budget Can Add Up To A Positive Outcome
More Customer Service Moving To Social Media
Mobile Fraud Set to 'Explode'
Gmail Autocomplete Flaw Leaves Users Sending Messages to Wrong Recipients
Google Introduces Inbox for Work Email
Apple Buys Music Software Maker Camel Audio
Target Updates Features in Mobile Shopping App
Google Employee Reveals New Chromebook
Delivering Mobile Ads Via Drone Is Now A Thing
Microsoft Readying App For Finding Close-By Friends
Are Health Info Sites Betraying Consumer Trust?
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Monday, Feb. 23, 2015
Google Acquires Softcard IP, Cuts Pre-Install Wallet Deal With AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon
Oscar Night Apple Throws Moviemaking To iPad
Is A Google 'Buy Now' Button Inevitable?
Qualia, BlueCava Partner For Real-Time Intent Targeting
Four In Ten Shoppers Compare Prices In-Store
Apple To Build Billion-Dollar European Solar Data Centers To Power iTunes, App Store, Maps
Using The Lifestyles Of Millennials To Secure A Place In Their Heart And Cart
2015 Ad Market Gets Off To A Positive Start: January Posts 5% Gain, Due Largely To Digital
Is There Too Much Good Stuff?
Social Media Sucked At Guessing Oscars
U.S. Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Against Google
'Billboard,' 'Hollywood Reporter' Create Native Ad Studio
Yahoo's Facial Recognition Technology
Oscar Advertisers Score On Social, Coldwell Banker Rules Facebook
Search Marketers, Don't Confuse Facebook's Use Of Feed, Product Ads
Digital Engagement Index
Microsoft Serves Order Online Button In Search Results
Shoppers Seek Reviews, Says Study
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Friday, Feb. 20, 2015
Oracle Plays Oracle To Predict Oscar Wins
Lenovo Notebooks Come With 'Horrifically Dangerous' Adware
The Advent Of Virtual "ROI" Reality
Is Google Glass Poised To Become The Betamax Of Wearables?
Google's Latest Land Grab
Better Will Always Outweigh Perfect In Audience Targeting
Oscars Stay On-Brand As TV's 'Ladies' Night'
42% Mobile Commerce Growth; 33% Buy via Smartphone
How Mobile Devices Are Changing Shopping and What CPG Marketers Can Learn From It
Apps, Content, Services Seen Driving Mobile Revenue
Retailer Adds Beacons to Mannequins
LinkedIn Launches Lead Generation Tools
Where To Find Bing's Competitive Edge
Livefrye Grabs $47M In Funding, Will Expand Tech
Digital Engagement Index
Google Agrees To Italy's Data Privacy Checks
YouTube App For Kids Coming
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Thursday, Feb. 19, 2015
Yahoo Intros Search In Apps As Part Of Mobile Development Suite
CMOs Will Spend More On Social Media, But Still Struggle With ROI
Google Wants Lockdown on Gov. Remote Access To Private Servers
Does Anyone Care About Privacy Anymore?
Flurry CEO Predicts 2015 Will Become The Year Of Mobile Ecommerce
Cxense DMP Integrates With Google DoubleClick For Publishers
Mobile Optimization Gets Consumers Buying
Digital And Traditional Parity Is Due To Digital Growth, Not TV's Imaginary Decline
Criteo Crosses Atlantic, Acquires L.A.-Based DataPop
Mobile Ecommerce Takes 60% Market Share Of Internet Access By 2017
Oh, The Places We'll Go: IAB Ties ROI To Location Data
YouTube Cracking Down On Branded Content Freebies
Are You Gearing Up To Meet Email Marketing Trends?
Sony SmartEyeglass Released For Developers
Media Usage Does Not Always Mean Ad-Reach Opportunity
LinkedIn Network Display Extends Brand Reach Outside Platform
Digital Engagement Index
Dark Web Onion City Curiosity
Hulu Battles Users About Disclosures To Facebook
Social Security Admin Web Site Beats Amazon In Satisfaction
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Wednesday, Feb. 18, 2015
Mobile Purchases Hampered By Inadequate Security, Slow-Loading Pages
High School Student Develops Shopping Search Engine
Yandex Pushes Russian Government Into Google Probe
Rovi Inks Data Deal With A+E Networks
Yelp Takes Aim At Fake Review Purveyors
AT&T Charges Kansas City U-Verse Users $29 A Month To Avoid Tracking
6 Often Forgotten Google AdWords Features
Small ISPs Urge FCC To Retreat From Plan To Classify Broadband As Utility
Digital And Traditional Parity Is Due To Digital Growth, Not TV's Imaginary Decline
The Next Phase Of Local Commerce
A Handful Of Content Creation Tools You Might Not Know
Digital Engagement Index
Snapchat Valuation Pegged At $19B, Media Brands Invest In Service
Google May Have Pulled Sparrow App
Viewability: The Advertising Trend Of 2015
Google Ends Another Mobile Payment Product
Are You Afraid Of The Future Of Marketing?
Beaconing & Moving Beyond the Smartphone
Programmatic Targeting Impacting Physical Shopping
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Tuesday, Feb. 17, 2015
Google YouTube Channel For China's Developers Launches As Great Wall Moves Online
Retailers, Brands Have A Growing Problem In Search, Shopping Ads
Valentine's Day Shopping: Mobile Sales Up 35%
Apology Marketing Inducts Krispy Kreme Into Klub Campaign
Mobile Shopping: 49% Research Products, Compare Prices
Foursquare Eliminates Barriers To Mobile App
Sideswipes: We're At A Weird Moment In Narcissism
Battle For Search Market Share Heats Up Again
Video Content In-View Ads Rising
Facebook To Debut Product Ads, Boost To Brands
Forrester: Razorfish Global, SapientNitro, Leaders In The B-to-C Marketing Space
Havas, NewsCred Strike Global Content Marketing Accord
Digital Engagement Index
Search Engine Aggregates Loan Offers To Finance Education
Three Economic Principles To Transform Search Campaigns
The Unknowns About Google, YouTube Revenue
IBM's Watson Now Powering Smart Toys
Is Twitter A Total Waste Of Time For Publishers?
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Monday, Feb. 16, 2015
Battle For Search Market Share Heats Up Again
Brands Must Redirect Budgets To Customers Before Capitalizing On Technology
Zillow, Yelp: Mobile Search Contributing To Earnings
Beacons Open Up Prospects For 'Physical Retargeting'
Lord, Blessed Is The Man Who Trusts in You. Forbes, Not So Much
FTC Urges Court To Let Throttling Lawsuit Proceed Against AT&T
Google Shuttters Helpouts
Mobile Shopping: 49% Research Products, Compare Prices
Fiji Water Launches Its First Television Campaign
Apple Lifts Ban On Pot Social App MassRoots
Three Things Marketers Need To Know About SEO From A Physics Major
Traditional TV Ad Revs: Still To Grow, Perhaps At Expense Of Digital Platforms
Apple's Titan Automobile, Per 'WSJ'
Over The Top In The Oval Office
Study Says TV Still Leads Digital
Nielsen Revs Grow Slightly, Focuses On VOD
Forbes Puts Native Ad On Cover
TV Upfront Spend Shifts, Cable Grows Steadily
Scripps Networks Affiliate Fees Outpace Revs, HGTV Fuels Co.
Mobile Malware On The Rise
Burger King Expands Mobile Ordering
Apple Launches 'Pay Once And Play' Games
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