• BT Drops OpenWorld in Favor of Yahoo Partnership (Reuters)
    BT Group said on Monday it would wave goodbye to one of the UK's first Internet access services, replacing its BT OpenWorld brand with a new joint venture with Web veteran Yahoo Inc.
  • Standards Group Gives Go-Ahead to Faster Wi-Fi (Reuters)
    An international technical group on Thursday gave its stamp of approval to wireless technology that can transmit data two to five times faster than existing short-range network gear known as "Wi-Fi."
  • Struggling Amtrak Gets Boost from Web Ticketing (Reuters)
    Amtrak's finances have been closer to a train wreck than a smooth ride in recent years, but the railroad has discovered a bright spot in its drive to operate more efficiently -- Internet sales.
  • Mobile Spam: Is The Next Plague Upon Us? (Silicon.com)
    More than two-thirds of us have received spam on our mobile phones, raising fears that it won't be long before the medium falls prey to the same barrage of unsolicited marketing messages as our email.
  • High-Speed Internet Growth Slows, FCC Finds (Reuters)
    High-speed Internet connections grew 23 percent in the second half of 2002, the U.S. government said Tuesday, as households and businesses signed up for broadband service at a slowing clip.
  • In the Spotlight: Howard Dean TV (TVSPY)
    Last month, the campaign of former Vermont Governor and Democratic Presidential candidate Howard Dean, took politics a step further into the digital age with the launch of Howard Dean TV. Using the latest broadband technologies from TVTonic by Wavexpress, voters will have unprecedented access to speeches, Q&As and video of Dean all via the Web.
  • Are Digital Newspaper Editions More Than Smoke and Mirrors? (Online Journalism Review)
    Many question their ease of use, but print publications benefit from boost in circulation.
  • AOL Subscriber Defections Continue, Top 1 Million (Washington Post)
    America Online has lost more than 1 million dial-up customers since the dramatic decline in its subscriber base began late last year, sources familiar with the figures said yesterday.
  • Putting Online Ads in Context (Business 2.0)
    Overture and Google have figured out how to sell the Web. Paid search has already saved Yahoo -- and your business might be next.
  • AOL Time Warner May Review '03 Outlook (Reuters)
    AOL Time Warner Inc. Chief Financial Officer Wayne Pace told investors on Monday the company was on track to meet 2003 financial targets but may reassess that outlook amid recent positive developments, such as the release of hit movie "Matrix Reloaded."
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