• French Group Claims DoubleClick Hacked for Two Years (NewsFactor.com)
    A French Webzine dealing with online security, Kitetoa.com, claims to have discovered hacking intrusions dating back two years on DoubleClick, the largest online ad retailer.
  • New Direction for Interactive Agencies (ClickZ)
    Agency planners can cope with the changes in today's market by understanding the client's business model before focusing on the ad budget. This approach builds trust and results in a more effective overall media plan.
  • Everyone's Losing On Classified Ads (Forbes.com)
    Job sites were supposed to cannibalize the newspaper business. Now they're cannibalizing each other.
  • Performance-Data Trilogy: Privacy Issues (ClickZ)
    The privacy issue remains a squishy one because we have no commonly accepted privacy standards, and many privacy concerns are valid. Here's what the online advertising industry can learn from direct mail.
  • Synergizing Email and Wireless Marketing (Digitrends.net)
    Many opportunities exist for successfully targeting marketing campaigns at wireless customers through a combination of direct e-mail and wireless efforts.
  • News From the Media Buyers Summit (Digitrends.net)
    In day two of the conference, media buyers and sellers discussed the status and development of advertising pricing models.
  • Analytics: Beating Ad Clutter (ClickZ)
    The outlook for online advertising is good; we just need to fix the problems. A typical Web site publisher runs an ad on every single page of the site. If it has unsold inventory, it either runs a public service announcement or it runs a house ad.
  • Ebersol: XFL's Future on NBC Is in Doubt (Washingtonpost.com)
    NBC Sports Chairman said his network is prepared to pull the plug on the XFL if ratings do not show a significant upswing during the final two weekends of playoff games next month.
  • Ad Assumptions Wrong (CNEWS Tech News)
    Online advertising agencies operate under the most misguided set of assumptions imaginable. It's not their fault, they're just the victims of their own success.
  • The Smooth Sell: Database Connectivity Ads (ClickZ)
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