• Nike iD Steps Into NBA 2K6
    Upcoming video game NBA 2K6, from Take-Two Interactive publishing label 2K Sports, will take product integration a step further with Nike iD. The shoe manufacturer will integrate its customizable Nike iD shoe line into the game. In the "24/7" streetball mode, gamers will take on virtual pros of the streetball tournament world. Each small court victory will grant the gamer his opponent's Nike Basketball shoes, which can be stored in his Nike locker.
  • Record Industry Sues Hundreds For File-Sharing
    A trade group representing the U.S. music industry said on Thursday it filed lawsuits against 757 people it claims used online file-sharing networks to illegally trade in copyrighted songs. The latest round brings the total copyright infringement lawsuits filed against individuals to 14,800 filed by the U.S. music industry.
  • EU Wants Shared Control of Internet
    The European Union insisted Friday that governments and the private sector must share the responsibility of overseeing the Internet, setting the stage for a showdown with the United States on the future of Internet governance. A senior U.S. official reiterated Thursday that the country wants to remain the Internet's ultimate authority, rejecting calls in a United Nations meeting in Geneva for a U.N. body to take over.
  • Murdoch's Web Gambit
    He's on a multibillion-dollar buying binge -- and Net guru Ross Levinsohn is picking the merchandise.
  • Meetro Eases Hookups in Your Hood
    A new, location-based web service is trying to make social-networking software more about socializing than simply collecting lists of buddies. Meetro, from a small, Chicago-based company called Meetroduction, marries instant-messaging software with geo-proximity technology in the hopes of expanding people's social circles.
  • Esquire Wikis Article On Wikipedia
    When Esquire magazine writer A.J. Jacobs decided to do an article about the freely distributable and freely editable online encyclopedia Wikipedia, he took an innovative approach: He posted a crummy, error-laden draft of the story to the site. Wikipedia lets anyone create a new article for the encyclopedia or edit an existing entry. All that's required is for a user to register. As a result, since it was started in 2001, Wikipedia has grown to include nearly 749,000 articles in English alone--countless numbers of which have been edited by multiple members of the community. (There are versions of Wikipedia in …
  • What's Cool Online? Teenagers Render Verdict
    Marketers spend a lot of time figuring out what teenagers want. Teenagers are their most desirable and fickle demographic, the arbiters of cool who set trends, influence brand health and part with their discretionary income most freely. So as part of Advertising Week 2005, interactive advertising agencies tried to answer the question last Tuesday of what teenagers want. The Interactive Advertising Bureau gathered 10 teenagers onstage at the Millennium Broadway Hotel to informally evaluate the creativity and effectiveness of three teenager-oriented interactive marketing campaigns, all before an audience of hundreds of industry executives.
  • A Short Movie Contest, With Intel Inside
    Intel's brand is baked into a new AtomFilms.com indie movie contest, in a marketing effort that's a hybrid of sponsorship and "branded entertainment" models. The short movie challenge, dubbed the Intel Indies Film Contest, calls on video and animation directors to create live action or animated shorts on a specific theme and awards $45,000 in cash and home electronics equipment to winning entrants.
  • Review: Recording Web Radio, TiVo Style
    Want to take your favorite radio shows with you on your portable music player? A few new software packages that record Internet radio make that possible. They all aim to be "TiVo for radio," but the comparison is not quite deserved ? none of them is as easy to use as a TiVo.
  • NASA and Google Launch Research Alliance
    Internet search powerhouse Google has teamed up with the US space agency NASA to do space age research at a sprawling new campus at a former military air base in Silicon Valley. Google will build a one million-square-foot (92,903-square-meter) complex of offices and worker housing in the NASA Research Park at Moffett Field and join forces with National Aeronautics and Space Administration scientists, according to Google.
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