• 12 Tips for Successful eMarketing (Digitrends)
    To deploy the most effective email campaigns, consider these proven, results-oriented e-marketing techniques.
  • Internet Use Continues to Pervade U.S. Life (CyberAtlas)
    The number of Internet users in the United States is still growing, and it's also diversifying. As for the next generation of adults with spending power, practically all of this year's college grads go online.
  • Should You Pay for Positioning? (Digitrends)
    The pay-per-click search-advertising model is somewhat controversial despite its benefits to search engines, marketers and Web users. Here's how to maximize its use.
  • Dot-Com Crash Doesn't Put a Dent in Spending Online (IDG)
    There were $354 billion in e-commerce transactions in 2000, according to a report. But a majority - 80% - of it was b-to-b.
  • Reruns May Become Testing Ground for Digital Insertion (NYTimes.com)
    Digital technology may be used for the first time to place "virtual" products and other advertising images regularly in scenes of a syndicated television series to be watched by American audiences.
  • Kids Will Help Wireless Take Off (Digitrends)
    Chaz Austin received some flack for his skepticism about the wireless market. Here he talks with a solutions provider who gives the other side of the story.
  • Advertisers Turning Orange Into Long Green (Dow Jones)
    Some colors might turn green with envy upon noticing orange's new status in the advertising world.
  • The Wallet-Sized Wal-Mart (Digitrends)
    Location-based wireless advertising has become the "Holy Grail" of the fledgling wireless advertising business.
  • Ethnic Groups Condemn TV Networks (AP)
    A coalition of ethnic groups condemned the major television networks on Thursday for failing to achieve diversity in programming and said a boycott or other measures may be needed.
  • Brand Marketers Offer Advice to Agencies (Digitrends)
    At the final day of the Digitrends' Brand Leadership Forum, brand marketers discussed what they expect and need from interactive agencies and marketing companies.
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