• Holidays Seen Bringing More Online Sales (Reuters)
    Moms and dads sick of refereeing fights through toy store aisles after Friday's official start of holiday shopping are likely to punch up purchases online, sending Web sales for the season sharply higher.
  • Verizon Puts Some N.Y. Hot Spots On Ice (CNET)
    Verizon Communications is cutting in half the number of hot spots it planned to install in New York City by the end of the year.
  • Online Travel Sites Fight to Build Brand Loyalty (Reuters)
    When Shira Zigler needs to buy an airline ticket, she hunts for fares at online travel agencies Travelocity, Expedia and Orbitz -- in no particular order. That is exactly what executives at the top online travel sites are afraid of.
  • Porn: Gen Y's New Black? (IAR)
    For a certain young, urban segment (catnip to fashion and beverage marketers) porn is as chic, and as integral to the lifestyle, as iPods and camera phones. The Web's where they find it.
  • AT&T Wireless to Offer Traffic Maps, Dating (Reuters)
    AT&T Wireless Services Inc. said on Thursday it has revamped its mobile Internet phone service with up-to-date traffic maps that warn drivers of congested routes and other features aimed at retaining customers.
  • E*Trade Launches Online Tool to Compare Mortgages (Reuters)
    E*Trade Financial Corp. said on Wednesday it launched an online tool for consumers to compare the costs for mortgages offered by E*Trade's mortgage unit and any other lender.
  • Spyware Would Be Tricky to Outlaw, Group Says (Reuters)
    Lawmakers have yet to get a handle on the best way to combat computer "spyware" that tracks Internet users' online activity, a nonprofit policy group said on Tuesday.
  • Billboard Girds For Digital Challenge (CBS MarketWatch)
    With a new editor-in-chief and marching orders to expand its reach, Billboard magazine has begun adapting to an environment where the majority of recorded music is distributed online, not through conventional recordings. Now, alongside signature charts like the Billboard 200 and other lists of hot-selling musical acts, the weekly magazine now tracks Top Internet Albums.
  • An End to Pop-ups? Advertisers Wince, Then Shrug (IAR)
    Microsoft confirmed it intends to add pop-up blocking to Internet Explorer as part of its Service Pack 2 release, due the first half of 2004. Meanwhile, agencies, advertisers and publishers suggest they'll be ready to kiss the ad units goodbye -- when the time comes.
  • Dipping Into Books Online: Is It Stealing? (Christian Science Monitor)
    Amazon.com says its new 'Search Inside the Book' feature has boosted sales. But authors worry that people will read just what they need and not buy the book.
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