• EBay Plays Not-So-Secret Santa (IAR)
    Online marketplace eBay launched a Secret Santa Gift Exchange promotion for the holiday season, in an effort to get its customers, along with their friends, families and co-workers, thinking of the site as a gift shopping destination.
  • Sony Music Sings New Copy-Protection Tune (Reuters)
    Sony Music, home to such artists as Beyonce Knowles and Bruce Springsteen, on Monday said it plans to introduce new CD technology in Germany that prevents users from copying songs to file-sharing sites, but allows them to make copies for their personal use.
  • Disposable E-mail Addresses No Problem for Legit Marketers (IAR)
    Disposable e-mail addresses (DEAs), the latest in anti-spam tactics, let people set up and discard e-mail identities as easily as yesterday's soiled shirt. How will their adoption affect e-mail marketing? Marketers take the trend in stride, as long as they aren't the ones being dumped.
  • Start-Up Wires Cars for Ad Measurement (IAR)
    Are online advertising's deep metrics sparking increased accountability in all media? Start-up IQStat is testing a system that measures in-car radio listening and exposure to outdoor ads.
  • My Pop-Up, My Friend (PC Magazine)
    I hate pop-ups! Seriously, I do. But the other day I found myself playing with one for nearly 20 minutes.
  • FCC Moves to Stifle Digital TV Piracy Online (Reuters)
    U.S. communications regulators on Tuesday approved new rules designed to strictly limit sending digital television programs over the Internet, attempting to head off problems plaguing the music industry.
  • Search Service Ask Jeeves Unveils Online Shopping Tool (Wall Street Journal)
    The butler now wants to do more than just answer your questions. He wants to help you shop. Ask Jeeves Inc. announced Tuesday a new shopping tool on its search engine Ask.com designed to help users research and buy products online. Ask Jeeves is the latest search engine looking to be the starting point for more online shopping trips.
  • eBay's Whitman: Google Is Not a Threat (Reuters)
    Meg Whitman, chief executive of online auctioneer EBay Inc., on Monday downplayed speculation that its chief business partner, the popular Google search engine, was poised to become its biggest rival.
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