• Senator Targets Clear Channel (B&C)
    Sen. Russ Feingold introduced legislation intended to crack down on a string of alleged abuses by the radio industry and in particular Clear Channel Communications.
  • In Any Language, Hispanics Enjoy Surfing (CyberAtlas)
    The Latino community is hitting the Internet in record numbers, and more than half are clicking onto Spanish-language sites.
  • Publishers Sue Gator Over Web Ad Tactics (WashingtonPost.com)
    A group of Web publishers filed suit in federal court this week against the scrappy Internet ad network Gator Corp., charging that Gator sells ads on their websites without authorization and pockets the proceeds.
  • Newspapers Tap Into Wireless (Orlando Sentinel)
    A pilot program, in which 12 newspapers are already participating, allows customers to get news headlines and updates through wireless devices.
  • Automakers Drove Newspaper Advertising In 2001 (E&P)
    While many advertisers had their foot on the brake last year, it was full speed ahead for automakers as the drive to promote low-interest or no-interest financing propelled them higher up the ranks of newspapers' biggest advertisers, according to Competitive Media Reporting.
  • Upfront Market Expected to Change (B&C)
    Speakers at AdWatch: Outlook 2002 in New York Tuesday said the way the upfront market is conducted will change over time.
  • Commercials Miss Big Picture (NYT)
    Despite concerns about steroids, two new commercials depict some of baseball's stars as overmuscled comic book characters.
  • Business 2.0 Breaks Ad Campaign (Technology Marketing)
    The magazine’s first since being bought by TimeWarner.
  • Were Monster Media Companies Dinosaurs In The Upfront? (AdAge.com)
    Smaller agencies said to have moved quickly in TV buying market.
  • Trade Group Uses the Web to Showcase Online Ad Success Stories (NYT)
    The Interactive Advertising Bureau, a trade group for online publishers and advertising agencies, is adopting a new approach in the hope of showing marketers how effective an advertising medium the Web can be. It is going to advertise on the Web.
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