• MLB Says It Won't Work With Online Firms Who Use 'Spyware'
    Major League Baseball's online arm said it is taking a stand against "spyware," warning that it won't sign deals with companies who rely on the controversial software to serve up their Internet advertisements to consumers.
  • Court Blocks Law Regulating Internet Access to Pornography
    The Supreme Court on Tuesday rejected Congress's latest effort to curb children's access to sexually explicit material on the Internet. But at the same time it gave the Bush administration a second chance to defend the law as a trial on its constitutionality goes forward in Federal District Court in Philadelphia.
  • Pop-up program reads keystrokes, steals passwords
    A malicious program that installs itself through a pop-up can read keystrokes and steal passwords when victims visit any of nearly 50 targeted banking sites, security researchers warned on Tuesday.
  • AOL Says It Will Let New Acquisition Maintain Its Course
    The head of America Online Inc. said yesterday that he plans to take a hands- off approach to running Advertising.com Inc., the growing, profitable online ad firm that AOL is buying for $435 million.
  • Ruling's good news for Web-filtering firms
    Companies that sell software for filtering online porn and other Internet content got a huge boost Tuesday from the Supreme Court, when it said filters could be more effective than laws at keeping kids away from Web sites they shouldn't see.
  • File swappers targeted in Steve Winwood promotion
    Veteran rocker Steve Winwood has tied up with "Access Hollywood" in an experimental marketing tie-up intended to demonstrate the commercial potential of file-sharing networks such as Kazaa, according to people involved in the project.
  • Gates issues 'progress report' on spam
    Microsoft fans got an update from Bill Gates on Monday about the company's antispam efforts.
  • Amazon Countersues, Seeking To End Toys 'R' Us Partnership
    Amazon.com Inc.'s fraying relationship with Toys "R" Us Inc. took a turn for the worse Friday when Amazon filed a countersuit against the toy retailer, asking a judge to allow termination of its contract with Toys "R" Us and award it in excess of $750 million.
  • Size Doesn't Matter: Porn Sites Big Problem For Small Firms
    What are many small-business workers doing when they think nobody's looking? The same thing as workers in large firms: Looking at porn. Don't blame them, though: most of the time it's accidental, according to a new study conducted by Cerberian and SonicWall, developers of Web filtering and security products.
  • WeatherBug Creates Desktop Software User's 'Bill of Rights'
    Desktop software firm WeatherBug has created what it's calling a "bill of rights" for consumer and business users who download desktop applications.
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