• CBS Sole "Survivor" In Ad Market Downturn (Variety)
    In a depressed advertising market, CBS managed to wrangle slight price increases from media buyers for the fall 2001 season, powered by the success of "Survivor" and "C.S.I."
  • Deconstructing the Wireless Players Market (ClickZ)
    Virtually every wireless company out there claims to be the leader in something. But, to the uninitiated, the subtleties of what distinguishes one world-class wireless company from the next world-class wireless company can be pretty confusing.
  • Advertising Works, But It's Not a Magic Bullet (ClickZ)
    Advertising is supposed to sell products and services, but the practice consists of a few parts strategy, a few parts creativity, and a dash of voodoo. The trick is to get your product into the prospect's consideration frame. And to have realistic expectations.
  • The Internet as a Marketing Medium is Yet to Unfold (AdsGuide)
    Bob Schmetterer: The general misunderstanding that the Internet is an advertising medium is still present. The Internet is a marketing medium with great potential - if only the industry can get the measures of success right and work together.
  • Online Ad-Buying Alternatives (Newmedia.com)
    Counting the ways in which to sell (or buy) ad space.
  • The 3 Cs of Interactive Marketing (Digitrends)
    The end game of interactive marketing should be fostering greater communication, collaboration and context.
  • You Don't Need No Stinkin' Ads (Industry Standard)
    A new survey says advertising is the least effective way for technology marketers to reach consumers.
  • Online Publishers Association Formed (E&P)
    Twelve Internet content companies have established the Online Publishers Association (OPA) to represent their interests before the advertising community, the press, the government, and the public.
  • CBS Holds the Line on Upfront Ad Rates (CBS.MW)
    Seemingly convinced that its powerful program line-up and improving demographics will trump a soft ad market, CBS isn't budging.
  • Has the Net Stopped Growing? (TheStandard)
    Nortel CEO John Roth may have raised a false alarm about Net traffic, but the warning signs are real for the struggling telecom industry.
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