• Facebook Adds "Save For Later" Feature
    Facebook has reportedly added a feature to the Facebook for iPhone and iPad app that allows users to save posts for later. “In reality, this works similar to what other services call ‘favorites,’” reports iMore.com. “If you browse the Saved posts, you are able to scroll through them later as their own feed. You have to physically mark them as Unsave to remove them from the Saved folder.” To save a post, users now need only hold their fingers down on a particular post, and a "Save" note will appear. 
  • Social Vid Startup Viddy Opens API
    Social video sharing startup Viddy this week announced the availability of its API, which will allow developers to build around the platform and come up with new ways of sharing video. To get developers’ attention, the company is offering them the chance to win $10,000 in exchange for coming up with the best ideas. For Viddy, The Next Web calls the move a “huge leap towards becoming a powerhouse.” That’s because, “an important part of cracking the next level of video innovation" is building on a powerful platform. 
  • YouTube Getting $200M More For Premium Channels
    Google is ready to invest another $200 million in YouTube’s premium channel strategy, The Wall Street Journal reports. That follows an initial investment of $150 million, which Google appears to believe is already bearing fruit. “So far, Google likes what it sees from the eight-month effort,” WSJ writes. To lure more viewers and advertisers, YouTube has already launched about 100 new channels, this year. 
  • The Boisterous Business Of Business Insider
    The Wall Street Journal attempts to take an unironic look at Web rival Business Insider, and its wily founder Henry Blodget. “It is far afield of what used to be financial journalism,” WSJ -- which knows something about the subject -- writes of BI’s sensationalistic fare. “But in the world of online news sites, traffic is everything. And to draw as many viewers as possible, Henry Blodget, Business Insider's chief executive and editor … believes that news needs to be fun.” 
  • Microsoft Sets Surface Release Date
    Services aside, Microsoft has confirmed that its new Surface tablets will arrive October 26 -- the same release date for Windows 8. “At that time, we will begin selling the Surface, a series of Microsoft-designed and manufactured hardware devices," Microsoft divulged in its 10-K filing with the SEC. As CNet notes, “Microsoft has said before that Surface products ‘would be available the same time that Windows 8’ was launched, but it's reassuring to see the date in writing.” Added Microsoft in its filing: “We expect to incur substantial marketing costs in launching Window 8 and associated services and devices, which …
  • Microsoft Doubling Down On "Services"
    After a close reading of Microsoft’s latest 10-K filing, ZDNet’s Ed Bott is convinced that the software giant is repositioning itself as a services powerhouse. Specifically, Microsoft is putting far more emphasis on “cloud-based services used with smart client devices,” as it explains in its filing. Already, “Microsoft has thrown massive amounts of resources at the task of integrating cloud-based services into its flagship products,” Bott notes. But, that’s just a hint at what’s coming, he predicts. 
  • Amazon Posts Shaky Q2 Earnings
    Amazon on Thursday posted $7 million in net income for the second quarter -- a year-over-year loss amounting to a whopping 96% decrease, Engadget reports. The company had previously projected its second-quarter performance would amount to an operating loss of $40 million to $260 million year-over-year, as well as a slight down tick in revenue at $11.9 billion to $13.3 billion quarter to quarter. “Well, the numbers are in and it looks like the forecast was right on the money,” Engadget notes. Net sales, meanwhile, were up 29% year-over-year. 
  • Instagram Surpasses 80 Million Users
    For those of you keeping score at home, Instagram just passed the 80 million-user mark. The milestone comes less than three months after the Facebook-owned mobile app surpassed 50 million users. “This means the app has managed to increase its user base by more than 10 million users on average per month,” CNet points out. “Make no mistake: The timing of the announcement today isn't accidental; Facebook, which announced in April that it is acquiring Instagram, is today releasing its first earnings report as a public company.” Instagram also revealed that its users have shared almost 4 billion photos. 
  • Microsoft: Surface Could Hurt Windows Biz
    Microsoft is finally acknowledging that its forthcoming Surface family of tablet computers could weaken support for Windows among Microsoft’s partners in the PC industry (also known as original equipment manufacturers, or OEMs). The concession came in the form of an annual report that was submitted to the Securities and Exchange Commission on Thursday. As The New York Times’ Bits blogs reports, the company says in the document that “our Surface devices will compete with products made by our OEM partners, which may affect their commitment to our platform.” 
  • Stamped Makes Pinterest-Like Pivot
    Stamped -- which was originally designed to make small business reviews more social -- has relaunched as a platform for users could keep track of favorite things, from restaurants to books, movies and music. “It should be more like Pinterest and less like Yelp, they determined,” writes Business Insider, referring to the thought process of Stamped’s founding team of ex-Google developers. Now, a number of A-list investors are supporting Stamped's new vision, including Ryan Seacrest, Ellen DeGeneres, Justin Bieber, The New York Times, Columbia Records, Crunchfund, and Eric Schmidt. Despite all that star power, however, Stamped has only raised $3 …
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