• Yahoo Offers New Search Tool for Online Personals (Reuters)
    Applying a popular feature from retail Web sites to the search for love, Yahoo Inc. on Monday said its "personals" site can now introduce members to people they might like based on how their preferences stack up against others.
  • Coming Soon: A Horror Show for TV Ads (Business Week)
    The world of TV advertising is about to become a lot more scientific. On June 2, personal-video-recorder outfit TiVo unveiled an analytical tool that can tell advertisers, agencies, and networks not only how many people tune in for a show but whether they're watching the ads.
  • Microsoft Urged To Fry Its Own Spam (CNET)
    Microsoft recently launched a high-profile campaign against spammers, but some critics say the company should be more introspective if it is serious about reducing the scourge of unwanted e-mail.
  • Buick Creates Buzz By Putting Woods On Web (USA Today)
    A Sports Illustrated column reads: "10 reasons why it kinda sucks to be Tiger Woods right now." Woods may be in a slump on the golf course, but last week he starred in a five-minute, Web-only Buick ad that doubled traffic at www.buick.com to more than 700,000 hits in five days.
  • E-mail Filters Still No Match For Non-English Spam (Reuters)
    What's "spam" in Spanish? Or what about Chinese? Software technicians are grappling with these questions as they toil on new filters designed to intercept the burgeoning flow of unsolicited e-mail -- known the world over as "spam" -- that land in e-mail in-boxes daily.
  • Google, MapQuest in Keyword-Ad Deal (IAR)
    Google on Monday announced a deal to provide paid listings on America Online-owned MapQuest.
  • Continental Airlines to Offer Onboard E-Mail (Reuters)
    Continental Airlines Inc. said on Thursday it would begin offering in-flight e-mail services to passengers for a fee next month.
  • Senate Committee Approves Anti-Spam Measures (Reuters)
    A U.S. Senate committee passed a toughened measure to crack down on "spam" e-mail on Thursday and promised that the bill would be strengthened further by the time it comes up for a full vote.
  • Handspring Unveils New Treo, Aimed at Phone Users (Reuters)
    Handspring Inc. on Wednesday unveiled the latest version of its Treo combination mobile handset and digital organizer, with a slimmer design it hopes will boost demand, following the lukewarm acceptance of its previous version.
  • Microsoft Sues to Stem Growing Flood of Email Spam (Reuters)
    Microsoft Corp. said on Tuesday it had filed 15 lawsuits in the United States and the United Kingdom aimed at stemming the growth of email spam, or electronic junk mail, an increasingly costly problem that has been blamed for customer defections.
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