• Popping Up Everywhere and Under Everything (ClickZ)
    They have invaded the world through the World Wide Web and are on every site, from Yahoo! to the New York Times to weather.com. Depending on who you are, they either stink of chicanery or have the sweet smell of success.
  • Coca-Cola Tops List of Valuable Brands (Bloomberg News)
    Coca-Cola Co., the largest maker of soft drinks, remained the world's most valuable brand for the third straight year, followed closely by software maker Microsoft Corp., according to a report by Omnicom Group Inc.'s Interbrand unit.
  • Big Magazines Get Bigger as Small Ones Get Gobbled Up (NYTimes.com)
    Economic forces are reshaping the magazine industry in a march toward consolidation that is expected to intensify as the year goes on.
  • Tracking Consumers' Eyeball Movements (AdAge.com)
    What if marketers could see through their customers' eyes? Perception Research Services has a way to let them.
  • Wireless Advertising Is Getting to Be Fun (ClickZ)
    Wireless advertising will likely be most effective when it's put in the context of something really useful or really fun. So let's take a break from trying to understand the wireless industry and just have some fun looking at a few cool applications.
  • Newspapers Battle Low Circulation (AP)
    Newspaper editors are battling declining circulations with new designs and news coverage strategies and a greater effort to engage readers directly, a survey found.
  • Video Games Beating up Banner Ads (WSJ.com)
    Companies are struggling to find online marketing tools that are more effective than banner ads. Could video games be the answer? Some major advertisers seem to think so.
  • GoTo.com Breaks Even Before Charges (IAR)
    Pay-for-placement search engine firm GoTo.com had some good news for investors Wednesday: it's become one of the few dot-coms this year to post a breakeven quarter on a before-charges basis.
  • 'The Runner' Producers Talk 'Integration' (Zap2it.com)
    While audiences may have come to expect blatant product placement in reality with shows like "Survivor" using advertising products, such as Doritos or Budweiser, as rewards on the series, the producers on ABC's upcoming reality series "The Runner" prefer to have the placement less noticeable.
  • Can Everyone Win With CPAs? (Newmedia.com)
    Cost-per-action (CPA) ad buys are not new, but they’re controversial. Here’s a closer look at the controversy surrounding the CPA movement, some of the players, and if there's a win-win in this for everyone involved.
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