• Extra! Extra! Online Advertising Actually Has Impact (ClickZ)
    Several pieces of recently released research show that online advertising can indeed have a significant impact on traditional branding metrics. The bottom line: Yes, Virginia, online advertising does work like advertising.
  • Nowhere to Run, Nowhere to Hide from Ad Barrage (LATimes.com)
    Advertisers, who seem determined to plaster their messages everywhere, are about to turn horses and jockeys into billboards.
  • Advertisers Pepper Reality Shows With Product Placements (USA TODAY)
    Reality TV is tempting advertisers with the formerly forbidden fruit of product placement.
  • Lowering Rates for Ads Running on Cable (NYTimes.com)
    Advertisers are agreeing to buy television commercial time ahead of the 2001-2002 season from cable networks and program syndicators at rates even lower than those negotiated last month, when they made plans to buy commercial time in advance of the coming season from the broadcast networks.
  • Washingtonpost.com Exec Sees Sunshine (E&P)
    The sun is rising, not setting, on Internet news delivery, a top Washington Post Internet officer told a shrunken new-media conference Friday.
  • Pop-Ups Pay Off (TheStandard.com)
    Most Web surfers would agree the maker of the X10 camera has the most annoying ad campaign online today. Visit any site and left behind, like trash at the beach, is the camera's pop-up ad.
  • AT&T Rejects Comcast Offer on Cable Unit; Halts Spinoff(NYTimes.com)
    AT&T's board rejected Comcast's unsolicited bid to acquire AT&T's cable operation, but the board also delayed its own plan to spin off the cable unit as an independent company.
  • In Search of the Webby Worthy (Wired)
    The Webby Awards aren't a big deal. Everyone in the Web world kinda-sorta knows this. But that's not to say the Webbys -- which were held for the fifth time on Wednesday evening in San Francisco -- are boring.
  • A Flash in the Pan or Sophisticated Flambé? (ClickZ)
    That ad just sizzled... Of course, Tom's talking about the Jack Daniel's Flash ad on Playboy.com. Why was it the hot topic around the water cooler after it ran? Because it was designed to brand. Period.
  • Nader Group Criticizes Pay-for-Placement Search Engines (IAR)
    A consumer advocacy outfit says that "featured" listings aren't clearly distinguished as being paid -- potentially to users' detriment.
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