• As Police Shows Thrive, Cable Grabs Its Share (NYT)
    Niche cable channels are rushing to cash in on viewers' longstanding fascination with courts, cops and rescues.
  • Will Paid Search-Engine Listings Remain a Bright Spot? (DJ)
    Even its supporters acknowledge that paid listings, like so many other Internet trends, is unlikely to remain the big new thing for long.
  • Chicago leads Golden Globe nominations (MSNBC)
    "Chicago" received a leading eight Golden Globe nominations Thursday, including best musical or comedy and best actress for stars Renee Zellweger and Catherine Zeta-Jones.
  • AOL May Strike Gold With Instant Messaging Patent (Reuters)
    Media giant AOL Time Warner has quietly won a U.S. patent for instant messaging, a potential goldmine as the online activity rivals mobile phone text-messaging as the most popular new communication tool.
  • New Premise in Science: Get the Word Out Quickly, Online (NYTimes.com)
    A group of prominent scientists is mounting an electronic challenge to the leading scientific journals, accusing them of holding back the progress of science by restricting online access to their articles so they can reap higher profits.
  • Sony's Big Bazooka (Fortune)
    Keeping PlayStation2 at the top of the game will not be easy.
  • Explosions and Relationship Building (Business 2.0)
    The Sims Online and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City have one thing in common: A great story.
  • AOL Quietly Unveiling New E-Commerce Initiatives (Reuters)
    America Online is quietly creating shopping features such as an online liquidation market and a personalized gift finder, in the hopes that retail offerings will help offset a slump in advertising and subscriber growth.
  • AOL Taps Ned Desmond For Time Inc. Interactive (WSJ)
    As part of AOL Time Warner Inc.'s latest attempt to make its units work together, the media powerhouse tapped Ned Desmond as executive editor of Time Inc. Interactive, according to people familiar with the situation.
  • Google Goes Shopping With New Search Site (Reuters)
    The popular search engine Google has added an online shopping site called Froogle to its bag of tricks.
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