• Google Rolls Out Targeted Ads (IAR)
    The search company beats rival Overture to the punch with new ads featuring paid listings on content pages.
  • Businesses Outraged Over EU Plan To Alter E-Commerce Law (Dow Jones)
    A coalition of businesses is urging the European Union Commission (News) to scrap plans to revamp e-commerce law.
  • AOL Plans Online Music Service, But Consumer Cost Is High
    In an important test of whether consumers will pay to download tunes onto their computers, the world's largest Internet provider is launching a music service that will give monthly subscribers access to a wide selection of artists, ranging from Norah Jones to Eminem.
  • GOING MOBILE: The Advertising Billboard In Your Pocket (Dow Jones)
    The mobile phone is becoming a new frontier for advertisers, with companies ranging from chocolate manufacturer Cadbury Schweppes PLC to agrochemicals business Bayer AG experimenting with promotions using text messages, ringtones, downloadable logos, competitions and discount vouchers.
  • Salon.com's Struggle to Succeed Plays Out in Unsightly Detail (LATimes.com)
    Salon.com is the type of enterprise that by its character attracts far more media attention than its size alone would warrant, like Pixar Animation Studios or Krispy Kreme Doughnuts Inc. We're talking, after all, about a company with $4 million in annual revenue, delisted shares trading in the low hundredths of a point and no record of profit, ever. (Free registration required)
  • Google: The Making Of A $2 Billion Brand (Forbes.com)
    Chances are, you've been Googled. That is to say, in an effort to turn up evidence of your character--or lack thereof--someone of your acquaintance has punched your name into the popular Internet search engine Google. In seconds, he or she will have the lowdown on everything from your contributions to alt.rec.ferrets back in 1996 to proof of your debate team membership in high school.
  • AOL Says Trying Harder to Fight Spam (Reuters)
    America Online on Thursday said it would form a task force and seek tougher legislation against spammers to bolster its efforts to cut the barrage of unsolicited junk mail that clutters inboxes with pitches for everything from mortgages to ways lose weight.
  • Martin Sheen Tops Anti-War TV Spot (Variety)
    Wielding his presidential-like appeal, actor Martin Sheen headlines a TV ad debuting in Los Angeles and the nation's capital on Thursday urging Americans to join a Feb. 26 'virtual march' on Washington to oppose a war with Iraq.
  • Google Buys Popular Web Publishing Tool Blogger (Reuters)
    Internet search company Google Inc. has agreed to acquire Pyra Labs, the handful of Web developers who helped jump-start the personal publishing phenomenon known as blogging, Pyra's founder said on Sunday.
  • Marketers Shift Tactics on Web Ads (NYTimes.com)
    A web site built by MSN for Lexus, the maker of luxury cars, hopes to attract customers by applying the increasingly important dictum of online advertising: make yourself useful.
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